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Danish Language113:18, 27 January 2018
greek text in french translations614:13, 20 December 2017
Change my username to Athena in Wonderland120:11, 18 December 2017
Export generates empty <resources/>113:35, 29 December 2017
Rename request120:13, 18 December 2017
Adding 3 text files to Commons Android213:44, 15 December 2017
Template loop113:44, 27 January 2018
Special:Translate: Group ext-0-all cannot be retrieved214:28, 4 December 2017
Not translated words000:55, 5 December 2017
Change username106:52, 16 November 2017
MediaWiki talk:Sp-translate-data-MagicWords/ce313:43, 15 November 2017
About MediaWiki:Purge/en105:28, 10 November 2017
Support for Guianan Creole language ! 013:29, 13 November 2017
User:Fitoschido behavior315:27, 7 November 2017
Wikimedia:Xtools-edits/sr112:04, 1 November 2017
See to what languages my project has been translated207:44, 1 November 2017
MediaWiki:Babel014:20, 27 October 2017
Please update 3 WikiBlame messages103:20, 26 October 2017
CSRF token issue313:03, 4 November 2017
Wikimedia:Xtools-edits/sr001:54, 16 October 2017
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Danish Language

I would add Danish to Arabic translation to my account. Thanks

Yasser Yousssef (talk)02:55, 25 December 2017

In your preferences you can choose your assistant languages.

Nike (talk)13:23, 29 December 2017

greek text in french translations

Hi all

I have been very surprised to fin GREEK text to reread while I currently review only french items.

French RereadCommand

First item displayed this morning: Phabricator:phabricator-slowvote-a2b408e5686fc3a1/fr

English original text: $1 changed who can see the responses of $2.

French text to validate: $1 άλλαξε αυτόν που μπορεί να δει τις απαντήσεις του $2.

!!! surprising isnt it ?

Other similar found: Phabricator:phabricator-uiexample-5c84c4e1000190f0/fr Phabricator:phabricator-uiexample-ebeb7d81d884ff47/fr ... example

Christian (talk)13:58, 16 December 2017
Liuxinyu970226 (talk)14:12, 16 December 2017

Now the items are tagged "redirected"

Example: Phabricator:phabricator-uiexample-ebeb7d81d884ff47/fr shows text

  1. REDIRECT Phabricator:phabricator-uiexample-ebeb7d81d884ff47/el

If I see this text, that means for rereaders , the redirection has not worked .

So what must I do now ???? Do i keep this Redirection information untouched ? or do I translate the english text in french ignoring the redirection text ?

Christian (talk)11:41, 17 December 2017

Yes please replace the bad translations with proper French translation.

Nike (talk)11:52, 17 December 2017

ok -thanks.

Christian (talk)12:04, 17 December 2017

Help! I have just written "to be translated" because nobody has translated the remaining REDIRECTED items. Now I see that the corresponding items are no longer proposed for rereading but hold this default text. How can these items be put in the list "for translation in french" again ? ex: Phabricator:phabricator-uiexample-eaf3829baf48c395/fr

Christian (talk)20:47, 19 December 2017

OK good - I succeeded to revert the updates using the corresponding History of my contribution list. Subject is closed.

Christian (talk)21:23, 19 December 2017

Change my username to Athena in Wonderland

Hello, please change my username to Athena in Wonderland, like my username in the Wikipedia, thanks. I changed my username in Wikipedia in 2015, but I forgot to request a change of the username here too. Thanks and greetings from the Portuguese and Mirandese communities.

MokaAkashiyaPT (talk)18:25, 7 December 2017


Nike (talk)19:13, 18 December 2017

Export generates empty <resources/>

I wanted to try to download a localization manually.

So, I went to and selected "Italian" (a language known to have near-complete localization) and "Export in native format", then clicked "Fetch".

Problem: All I get is a nearly empty file containing only "<resources/>".

Not a problem since I can get them from our Git, but I just thought I would let you know about this problem. Cheers!

Nicolas Raoul (talk)06:14, 28 November 2017

This is soon fixed (as soon as I deploy the fix).

Nike (talk)14:40, 17 December 2017

Rename request

Please rename my account to MacFan4000 Thanks.

LegoFan4000 (talk)01:24, 12 December 2017


Nike (talk)12:35, 17 December 2017

Adding 3 text files to Commons Android

Hello from the Commons Android project,

We have 3 new files that we would like to translate.

If we have made no mistake, our would need this to be added at its end:

id: commons-android-title
label: Commons Android App (title)

prefix: commons-android-marketing-

sourcePattern: "%GROUPROOT%/commons-android/marketing/app-title-%CODE%.txt"
 definitionFile: "%GROUPROOT%/commons-android/marketing/app-title.txt"

id: commons-android-shortdesc
label: Commons Android App (short description)

prefix: commons-android-marketing-

sourcePattern: "%GROUPROOT%/commons-android/marketing/app-shortdesc-%CODE%.txt"
definitionFile: "%GROUPROOT%/commons-android/marketing/app-shortdesc.txt"

id: commons-android-longdesc
label: Commons Android App (long description)

prefix: commons-android-marketing-

sourcePattern: "%GROUPROOT%/commons-android/marketing/app-longdesc-%CODE%.txt"
definitionFile: "%GROUPROOT%/commons-android/marketing/app-longdesc.txt"

The 3 files are text files. 2 of them are very short one-liners. 1 is very large, split in a few dozen lines. Feel free to adapt to your convenience.

Thanks a lot!

Nicolas Raoul (talk) Adding 3 text files to Commons Android08:47, 15 December 2017

Thanks for the patch. Is it problematic for you to submit it via gerrit?

Nemo (talk)08:52, 15 December 2017

Template loop

Today I am too supid to detect why there is a template loop on e.g. MediaWiki:Smw-category/qqq

[[kgh]] (talk)16:14, 9 December 2017

Templates like {{msg-mw|Smw browse hide incoming}} loop too all of a sudden ...

[[kgh]] (talk)09:05, 10 December 2017

Special:Translate: Group ext-0-all cannot be retrieved

\m/etalhead 16:31, 2 December 2017

There was a slowdown. Technical details: HHVM bytecode cache was full and it started interpreting new code. I restarted HHVM and things should be fast again.

Nike (talk)13:46, 4 December 2017


\m/etalhead 14:28, 4 December 2017

Not translated words

Умар (talk)12:19, 4 December 2017

Change username

Could you please change my username to Épine? Thanks.

Lost Whispers (talk)01:12, 16 November 2017

Done. Thanks for your continued translations to ckb!

Nemo (talk)06:52, 16 November 2017

Please pay your attention to my question on the page.

Умар (talk)11:22, 15 November 2017

I'm afraid, the only possible way to handle your first sentense "User:Nemo_bis, Can I remove Russian words from here?" is, as like Ukrainian, drop the Russian fallback, which as Chechen is also a language of Russian Federation, I ask now: is it really fair to you?

Here are some important notes if you have ever accepted that:

  1. You have to translate messages from, and only from, the English, no longer Russian, also ALL the untranslated messages will be English rather than Russian;
  2. You have to make sure every Wikidata stuffs (where you have to visit and find templates, modules, items and properties, and some of templates, modules and ALL Wikidata MediaWiki: namespace pages will also require sysop edit requests) are having proper Chechen translations;
  3. You have to make sure the donation CentralNotice BANNERS are proper translated (you have to ask Meta-Wiki administrators to get the translateable message)
Liuxinyu970226 (talk)13:03, 15 November 2017
Edited by 2 users.
Last edit: 05:27, 10 November 2017

Could you please set up translation for the Purge extension. Repo @ @translatewiki has been added as a collaborator to the project.


Hutchy68 (talk)04:36, 10 November 2017

I closed this as it appears the project was already added. Thanks!

Hutchy68 (talk)04:49, 10 November 2017

Support for Guianan Creole language !

Hi everyone ! Would like to request support for Guianan creole language. Portal link: Looking forward to your reply Thanks !

LeGuyanaisPure (talk)22:20, 8 November 2017

I'm sorry to bring this up here, but it's not the first time this happened and I need help to deal with this user.

User:Fitoschido is a very active Spanish translator. Not only he does a lot of work but also it's good work. That works as long as no one else challenges his contributions. In simple terms, he is not a "team player". When you try to contact him and discuss his changes, he doesn't reply or if he does, he doesn't want to reach consensus. It seems that his opinions are the only ones that matters. And this is going on since I came here (3 years ago). Most of the time I try to avoid conflict. I don't want to enter edit wars whith him (or anyone else). I avoid "touching" messages that he translates, etc. I'm not the only one having trouble with him.

But that's not the most serious thing. In the past, he called another users "imbecil" and "stupid". I tried to talk to him, asking to apologise to them so we can have a more pleasant enviroment for all of us (volunteer translator in our spare time) but nothing happened.

All our previous exchange in Translatewiki was in Spanish so I don´t know if the rest would be able to follow what happened, but it's there in his Talk page, in his comments, etc.

Hope someone else here at Translatewiki would help. I want to make clear that this is no personal at all (he makes many and good contributions most of the time) and that what I said is very verifiable in this very site (if you know Spanish).


Macofe (talk)23:03, 2 November 2017

I suggest talking with other Spanish language translators, and if they make conclusion that that user's certain translation(s) he/she does not "allow to touch" are really incorrect – try to talk them, "finalize" why they are incorrect and try again to correct them – and if that user still does not accept those correct and explained translations, use block on that user for certain periods of time, or indefinitely if still refuses to change (I hope blocking users here is possible same or similar as on Wikipedia).

PS After I posted this answer here, I got notification about New message; this should be fixed so that after user A posts something, user A does not get notification about new comment on some thread. Also, publishing changes when making new post still triggers "Do you want to leave this site, Changes you made may not be saved"...

Obsuser (talk)14:39, 5 November 2017

We use Liquid Threads here for discussion. It is no longer maintained. I am exploring the possibility to move to Flow, which is still maintained. But it won't be easy and migration is likely to be disruptive to some extend so it is not going to happen very soon.

Nike (talk)11:33, 7 November 2017

Note: I vote strongly support to migration, because since October, nearly all of my actions are stucked by a huge, huge and huge number of CSRF token errors. Do not say some "wrong from HHVM", HHVM doesn't result any wrong, the only wrong is from LQT which is too hard to uninstall.

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)15:27, 7 November 2017


Could someone delete/empty this page? It is probably primary for Xtools; Wikimedia:Xtools-edits/sr-ec should be used (capitalized), and here it is non-capitalized and editing /sr is not possible becuase we got transferred to sr-ec (and sr-el).

There is some problem with saving posts here, so it is saved twice. And it constantly keeps asking Do you want to leave this site, Changes you made may not be saved...

Obsuser (talk)23:25, 15 October 2017

The session issue should be fixed now.

Nike (talk)12:04, 1 November 2017

See to what languages my project has been translated

How to see a list of languages my project has been translated to, with percentages of completion?


  • English 100%
  • Hindi 99%
  • Punjabi 99%
  • German 98%
  • [...]
  • Swahili 1%

All other crowd translation platforms have this feature, so I guess there is something like this here too, but I haven't managed to find it. Thanks!

Nicolas Raoul (talk)09:18, 29 October 2017

Special:MessageGroupStats, which is also accessible from Special:Translate tabs and linked from e.g. Translating:WikimediaMobile.

Nemo (talk)09:27, 29 October 2017

Cool, thanks!

Nicolas Raoul (talk)10:25, 29 October 2017


Urdu translation included in the base page MediaWiki:Babel itself, which block other translations from displaying.

Praveenp (talk)02:24, 27 October 2017

Please update 3 WikiBlame messages

Please update the 3 following WikiBlame messages to https protocol:

I have already updated the other languages. Thanks in advance.

ping @Flominator

Od1n (talk)08:38, 24 October 2017

CSRF token issue

I keep having to resubmit my edits, because they don't get saved and an "invalid CSRF token" warning is shown to me. I only have this problem with Translatewiki. Same browser works just fine with other MW wikis.

Huji (talk)13:59, 15 October 2017

Can you try logging out and in again?

So far I have restart both hhvm and memcached and after I did that I haven't seen the problem again.

Nike (talk)14:08, 15 October 2017

I just did. On logging back in, it gave me a hard time (kicked me out a few times, gave me a "our backend cannot process this request" error, etc). But now it seems to work fine.

Huji (talk)14:30, 15 October 2017

I have same problem...

Obsuser (talk)23:23, 15 October 2017


Could someone delete/empty this page, or capitalize the word it contains? Translations in /sr are probably primary relative to sr-ec; for Xtools, Wikimedia:Xtools-edits/sr-ec should be used (capitalized); here it is non-capitalized, and editing /sr is not possible becuase we got transferred to sr-ec (and sr-el).

Obsuser (talk)23:22, 15 October 2017
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