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About Wikimedia:Tracker-b74bde-Finish/en

The original english message should be "Finnish" instead of "Finish".

Pyscowicz (talk)07:58, 22 January 2019

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About Phabricator:phabricator-diffusion-0f50f5cdbad0a3e2/fr problem that backslash n is ignored in the translations

Hi all


- the original text to translate is: "# Fetch received by \"%s\", forwarding to cluster host.\n",

- when I use the old editor, and I request to show the differences, the delta is a new line added by the developper (I guess the backslash n in the source text)

- then I add this newline manually (with Return key, one or several times) and submit the translation

- I reopen this message in the old editor -> the newlines are present in the translated text BUT the history of corrections has not registered my modifications (history is still stopped at previous contributor name)

- I decide to use the new Visual Editor; i'm disapointed because there is no diff option there

- the message I see has no new line so there would be nothing to translate (but I know there is one difference)

- should I use the \<br\> ? i dont know.

- moreof that, due to the ignored correction, the message remains presented again and again in loop in translatewiki as if it has never been translated


1. why newlines are not accepted in the translated text ?

2. why history is not updated ?

3. why message in loop for translation ?

ChristianW (talk)13:25, 17 January 2019

MediaWiki cannot deal with trailing spaces. The person who is managing Phabricator translations is aware of this and I expect this to be fixed later this year.

Nike (talk)15:45, 23 January 2019

"Don't translate this message"

There're several messages like this one with a doc page saying "don't translate this message", but it doesn't make sense. Anyway, people keep translating those. Can anyone explain this? Or fix this, if needed?

Piramidion (talk)19:27, 10 January 2019

Many developers are not aware of our optional/ignored system (which they don't have direct access to).

Nike (talk)19:35, 15 January 2019

But it won't do any harm if I translate those, will it?

Piramidion (talk)17:28, 16 January 2019

It would do harm if Translate actually used your translations.

Nemo (talk)06:53, 17 January 2019

It is because some parts of the messages are reused in another place or hardcoded by the developper as they are. In case of mismatch it brings inconsistencies between what is described and what is coded. Of course a concrete example would have given us more informations about the precisely encountered situation. Names of products (Windows...), applications (Diffusion, Differential...) and similar are not translated to keep the consistency of the documentation.

ChristianW (talk)13:31, 17 January 2019

<ignore, accidentally posted on the wrong thread>

Nike (talk)15:34, 23 January 2019
A thread, Thread:Support/About iNaturalist:Personal message, was moved from here to Translating talk:INaturalist. This move was made by Nemo bis (talk | contribs) on 23 January 2019 at 15:23.

Add S'gaw Karen language to translate

Please add S'gaw Karen language to translate.

Basic information
  • language code: ksw
  • language name: S'gaw Karen
  • self-name: ကညီကျိာ်
  • Script: Myanmar
  • Direction: LTR
  • Fallback to: Myanmar (my)
NinjaStrikers «»04:09, 9 January 2019

I also speak S’gaw Karen fluently, I’d like to be the translator for this language. Someone please add this language

SawJaemin (talk)03:38, 18 January 2019

Change Username

Hei I would like to change my name to Amjad Khan, someone please change my name Best Regards

Baloch Khan (talk)12:07, 16 January 2019

Done Done

\m/etalhead 16:47, 16 January 2019

External Guidance in MediaWiki

Hi! External Guidance extension needs doc pages to provide context. I don't know what I'm translating.

Do the translation variables on the pages above represent languages?

Piramidion (talk)10:20, 9 January 2019

Block user

Hi, I request that an administrator consider the temporary blocking of User:Navhy. He has been modifying messages in Galician language unnecessarily, causing an increase in revision work (you can review my last undo contributions). The user was already warned several times on his talk page but he has not attended to the reasons given. Bye.

Elisardojm (talk)09:02, 14 January 2019

The last edit was yesterday and the last message on their talk page months ago, so I sent a reminder/warning.

Nemo (talk)11:32, 14 January 2019

Ok, thanksǃ

Elisardojm (talk)13:49, 14 January 2019

Deletion request

Shirayuki (talk)06:42, 14 January 2019

Add Baluchi(بلۏچی) Language for translate

Please add Baluchi language to translate. We want be together for growing Baluchi Wikipedia.

Basic information language code: bal language name: Baluchi self-name: بلۏچی Script: Arabic Direction: LTR

Sultanselim baloch (talk) 13:22, 11 January 2019 (UTC)

Sultanselim baloch (talk)13:22, 11 January 2019


This message is missing 'to' (and 'the'?):

Press <b>F11</b> to toggle the <i>web browser</i> fullscreen
— Mar(c).10:56, 6 January 2019

Northern Thai variants

I'm trying to add translations for Northern Thai and I'm having problems putting them in the right place. The root of the problem is that there are three groups of writing systems:

  1. nod-Lana: The Tai Tham script writing system. The language name may be written ᨣᩤᩴᨾᩬᩥᨦ in this group.
  2. One variant of nod-Thai, which is a transliteration of nod-Lana, though it does not faithfully represent mere spelling variations within nod-Lana. In this scheme, the language name may be written คำเมือง.
  3. The other variant of nod-Thai, where stop consonants have their Siamese values rather than the Northern Thai values as in the previous scheme. In these schemes, the language name may be written กำเมือง, as seen in the longer form กำเมืองล้านนา used by the 2017 New Testament.

The Northern Thai wikipedia, currently only in the incubator, is primarily in Scheme 1, with Scheme 2 desired as an alternative orthography. Most users of the language can't read scheme 1. Most users of the language should be able to read standard Thai, and therefore be able to read scheme 2, where words are often the same as in Standard Thai. Scheme 3 is the natural one for sounding words out, and is the Thai script scheme chosen for the New Testament. It also seems to be the one with the greatest informal use. Most of the Northern Thai Wikipedia 'community' seem to turn their noses up at it. I argue that 'nod' ought to imply 'nod-Thai'; I further believe that it should imply Scheme 3 rather than Scheme 2.

As far as I can make out from the nod portal, translatewiki is set up to support schemes 1 and 2, and they appear to be nod and nod-Thai. When I choose the language to translate to, the names available for selecting a language are nod and คำเมือง. As the name is in the Thai script, I assumed I would have selected a Thai script orthography, and from the first letter, scheme 2 above. However, the entries I have added (all in the Thai script) by selecting the language คำเมือง are all stored in the "nod" language variant, which appears to be intended for the Tai Tham script version (Scheme 1).

Note that translations to Scheme 2 can naturally fall back to standard Thai.

My immediate request is to be able to select Scheme 2 for entering translations; that is the more useful scheme with fairly obvious spellings. (Scheme 3 seems to have several subschemes, some based on dialect areas - Chiang Rai v. Chiang Mai.) So, how do I select Scheme 2 for data entry? Scheme 2 translations can be converted to Scheme 1 translations fairly easily, though full automation is not possible.

RichardW57 (talk)03:07, 9 January 2019

"Revision rules"?? Isn't it "revision rulers"?

Tektasc (talk)17:28, 2 January 2019

I would like to know what "revert plan" means here. Does it mean cancel changes or go back to a hole previous plan? Thanks in advance.

Tektasc (talk)13:27, 2 January 2019

Not sure about the meaning of this one


I am trying to translate this passage: "This comment was made on a file which this file was moved to, but in an older diff."

Could a translation of that be: "Ce commentaire a été fait sur un fichier sur lequel ce fichier a été déplacé, [...]"

Thanks in advance, hope I understood it right.

Tektasc (talk)18:22, 31 December 2018

'Tab' est traduit d'ordinaire par 'onglet'. Ici 'panel' que l'on voudrait traduire par 'panneau' à de nombreuses reprises a été traduit par 'onglet', mais on aurait eu dans ce cas 'tab' dans le texte EN. Quelqu'un peut-il préciser svp ?

ChristianW (talk)12:09, 31 December 2018

Statistics per project per languague


I would like to see some statistics about all users active on one project. Something like this but with an extra selection on project. So it is in total a selection about project and language.

And and also interesting but less important an selection on project but then all languages, something like this or this but then not a selection on languague but on project.

Optilete (talk)18:07, 23 December 2018 Like this, but not for 7 days but for 365 days or a calendar year (like 2017,2018) and a selection for a project.

Marcelhospers (talk)10:26, 31 December 2018

I want to be editinterface user here, so that I can translate those messages for Urdu which require editinterface permission. How it be? Muhammad Shuaib (talk) 16:20, 25 December 2018 (UTC)

Muhammad Shuaib (talk)16:20, 25 December 2018

There is only a couple of those, and those are expected to be temporary. You can provide translations here and an admin can put them in place in the meantime.

Nike (talk)13:03, 30 December 2018

Is it possible to merge two users?

Hi, For some reason I've got two user accounts on, probably due to a misunderstanding concerning username and a display-name, or even the fact that my display-name contains a special UTF-8 letter.

I'm currently using Sveinn í Felli but my old login was Sveinki. It would be nice (and useful for avoiding misunderstandings) to have this latter account point to the former, or to merge them so that Sveinn í Felli becomes prevailing.

Is this possible?

Sveinn í Felli (talk)09:29, 2 February 2018

Yes, this is on TWN, where we are not in the WMF instance, so we can try merging your two accounts.

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)09:43, 2 February 2018

Can you please do it?

Sveinn í Felli (talk)15:12, 2 February 2018

Should I send a specific request to someone? Where/Who?

Sveinn í Felli (talk)10:53, 15 August 2018

We don't have any user merge extension here and there's no plan to install it, so I'd just decline this request. User:Sveinki has less than 500 edits; User:Sveinn í Felli is older, has an email address and was used recently. If you just stop using "Sveinki", you'll be fine. I can block and/or rename the account you don't want to use and you can place a redirect from one username from the other. We can also recover the password of either account if you lost it and the email address doesn't work.

Nemo (talk)11:02, 15 August 2018

"you can place a redirect from one username from the other" - yes, that was in my initial request. How can I redirect User:Sveinki to User:Sveinn í Felli ?

Sveinn í Felli (talk)11:00, 4 December 2018

I've redirected them for you.

McDutchie (talk)23:08, 20 December 2018
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