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FUDForum repo synchronisation

The FUDforum repository (group out-fudforum) changed from SourceForge to GitHub. Can you please change the synchronisation accordingly?

OLD: svn:// NEW:

Best regards. Frank

Frank (talk)15:58, 31 August 2020

Done. Next update will be to github.

Nike (talk)07:22, 10 September 2020

Excellent, thank you Nike!

Frank (talk)15:43, 10 September 2020

Adding Skin:Medik to the list of projects

Hello, I would like to add mw:Skin:Medik to the list of projects.

  • The skin is hosted on
  • The skin has a master release policy, i.e. only master branch is used for commits / PRs.
  • I already have a Phabricator account.

Thanks in advance!

Slepi (talk)15:19, 7 September 2020

User:Nguyễn Mạnh An

Today, in the four minutes between 12:39 and 12:42, User:Nguyễn Mạnh An, who apparently is a recent Vietnamese user, reviewed and approved the translation of about 400 or 500 messages to Portuguese. Does anyone know or understand why?

Hamilton Abreu (talk)22:41, 20 August 2020

Request for a new language: Obolo (Andoni) [ann]

Please can someone enable localizations for Obolo language, and also grant me the right to translate. The ISO 639-3 code is ann.

Katelem (talk)23:44, 22 June 2020

I made the correct page Portal:Ann and prepared the code for its classification.

Still, I did not enable the language (I cannot do it myself).

Verdy p (talk)05:18, 26 June 2020

Thank you. But what am I supposed to do now? Can you please contact someone who can do it, or is it already at their table for action?

Katelem (talk)20:22, 27 June 2020

Wait for an admin to enable the translation. When this is done the "disabled" warning message can be removed from the few pages related to this language. Note that I have also updated the page listing Languages by language family, by expanding the sections for African languages (it is still incomplete, but your language is listed properly in its group). I maintain this page in sync so that it lists and organizes all languages. Languages are also sorted by script, countries (with official status if it applies).

All scripts that are usable on this wiki are those listed in ISO 15924 that are not shown in red (blocked as it is special, or still not encoded in Unicode) or orange (still no known Unicode font to support it, usually a script encoded in Unicode should have at least one font in the "Noto" family, or the script was recently encoded and open fonts are still in development and rarely there will be other free fonts conforming to Unicode to support the script and this wiki requires Unicode support and correct coverage in a free font to support the languages written with it).

Verdy p (talk)22:47, 27 June 2020

Ok. Thanks.

Katelem (talk)00:29, 29 June 2020

This is now enabled.

For example, you can start translating MediaWiki to Obolo at

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)08:03, 1 July 2020

I just removed the "disabled language" notices in the portal and related categories (@Amir E. Aharoni except one which is unexpectedly "locked while there are pending changes", but this is locked since several days and the lock has been kept even if the job queue is empty, so I cannot edit it to remove this notice in; this is a bug of this wiki, inside the Semantic extension which sometimes forgets some delayed jobs).

Verdy p (talk)12:07, 8 July 2020

Can someone help look into this issue: I've been checking on it but it's not been enabled since then. It still shows "disabled".

CC: @Amir E. Aharoni and @Verdi p


Katelem (talk)14:09, 19 July 2020

As I already said above, this page is locked since its initial creation because of a bug. It cannot be edited to remove the notice.

Only a site admin may be able to fix it using an admin tool (It was said they should edit the page using the "ReplaceText" extension, which forced changeing the page content, but requires making an actual change). I cannot test if this solution works (various people on other wikis have said that even this solution was not always removing this lock; and the "ReplaceText" extension is dangerous; it's not accessible on this wiki except by site admins themselves)

This is a known bug of SemanticMetaWiki (which sets an incorrect status on the page without creating the necessary job in the job queue to remove this status once the job has run), signaled since long, not solved.

I cannot do anything.

This is occuring in some other category pages as well (each time when adding/removing a category); and it occurs randomly in an unpredictable way (even on a new page created once and never edited later, this lock may remain). SemanticMediWiki (not Mediawiki) is the cause of this bug.

Verdy p (talk)15:05, 2 August 2020

Thank you for taking the time to explain. I believe the admin will be working on it. I have noticed that Obolo and Andoni is used simultaneously on the page. I'm just wondering if that may not have contributed to the bug. How about using just "Obolo" (preferred, denonym) or just "Andoni" (alternate, exonym) for uniformity.

Katelem (talk)14:22, 17 August 2020

The page displays first the language name translated in the current user language, then the language name in itself ("autonym"), if it's different. The autonym comes from the name currently displayed in the linked English Wikipedia article (may be it's one of the aliases for this autonym).

There's no distinction between denonym or exonym. Names in English normally come from Glottolog. Other names are translations (possibly found in Wikidata from the linked Wikipedia article: this article is checked to make sure it refers precisely to this language and not just to a group of related languages as it happens sometimes, so Wikidata is also checked to see if it refers to the expected ISO 639 code with the correct distinction).Translations are user contributed in Wikidata, or are fed from the CLDR data veting process (where it exists, it is used as the preferred name, but I also check at list of references in Glottolog and The Linguist List; sometimes these sources do not agree as there are collections of papers written at different dates by linguists publishing from different countries and in different languages; there are also frequent difference of orthographies for the same target translation language). So I cannot conclude if "Andoni" is or is no the preferred "autonym", all I can say is that the preferred English name is "Obolo", and that "Andoni" is also frequently found and used; both are then displayed in the English portal here (not just the supposed "autonym").

It is then categorized in a category which is named according to the current name in English (the preferred one displayed in Glottolog). In the page of languages by family name, there's a long list of languages with known aliases (also listed in Glottolog): some of the aliases are in fat for local dialects; when these dislects are recognized they are listed separately as subitems in that list, otherwise they are treated as aliases). I don't know what is a "denonym", you probably mean "endonym" (by opposition to "exonym"), or "demonym"/"ethnonym", which is a related but different concept related to people (in ethnology) and not the language(s) they speak (they can speak several one, including in forms of diglossia depending with whom they are speaking, or in some context like in cultural/religious/formal events if there are other auditors or if they want to be understood by more people). For the case that it shows "disabled", this is signlaed to admins here since weeks. This is also signaled as a bug to authors of "SemanticMetaWiki" that don't propose any solution (and have refused to develop a script to fix the database with a support script that site admins could use). They only propose something that may solve this incorrect lock (but requires using a dangerous tool that is only available to site admins). They've not isolated the bug that can occur at any time.

This bug is there in SemanticMediawiki since years, commented many times. Closed several times incorrectly as being "unreproductible" (even if it is easily found and it continues to be reported by site admins of multiple wikis, not just this one. This leaves the question: is SemanticMediawiki a reasonable extension to keep on this wiki ? My opinion is that it just breaks this wiki that does not even have any productful use of SemanticMediawiki. It could live without it, replacing it with Wikibase or a client interface to Wikidata to manage some custom properties or perform structured queries on an RDF database. For now SmenaticMediawiki just breaks the basic feature of Mediawiki and it behaves badly. It's causing more harm for no benefit at all.

Verdy p (talk)03:47, 18 August 2020

Please block はまのまさと and たなはしひろし

Please block User:はまのまさと and User:たなはしひろし in vandalism only accounts.

See 不正アクセス証拠書類 and other edits.

はまのまさと was blocked on by me. Then, they repeated personal attacks here.

Shirayuki (talk)22:22, 14 August 2020

Both accounts blocked.

Raymond08:29, 15 August 2020

Thank you.

Shirayuki (talk)10:48, 15 August 2020

How to translate messages from WikiEditor extension?

The WikiEditor extension has many message keys containing raw html, changes to these mediawiki pages are blocked by RawHtmlMessages.

How to edit WikiEditor messages when there are shown as protected?

I want to edit MediaWiki:wikieditor-toolbar-help-content-named-reference-syntax/qqq and remove the optional template, as this message is not optional.

Der Umherirrende (talk)10:55, 14 August 2020

Edit by admins only at the moment. I have removed the optional template.

Please report other such tasks here. Thanks.

Raymond08:30, 15 August 2020

Re-enabling exports for Marwari (rwr)

I'm trying to do interface translations for Marwari (specifically, language code rwr). There is already a rwr portal page that states it is disabled, so I don't think I need to request a new language. I'm guessing that's because there were no translators listed - if that's the case, could you please re-enable? Thanks!

सदस्य (talk)22:23, 6 August 2020

No, you need to ask for the admins to enable the translation for it.

  • You can be more convinting here, by showing that there are ongoing efforts on Wikimedia Incubator, with some other users, and inviting a few of them to register themselves on this wiki (with their own local account), and on the Portal.
  • Be ready to be active for translating fast at least the core mediawiki messages (about 700 messages), and be active with Wikimedia admins so that they import the translations on Incubator for your tests, and then check there if that's usable.
  • With that, you'll get more people on that wiki, and you'll get more translators to complete the process and start translating non-core messages.
  • Be also ready to discuss on that wiki with that new community about terminology choices or ambiguities.
  • Discuss as well for linguistic features such as orthographic conventions, the possible need of transliterations (you can help by creating also a Wiktionary test or a wikibooks test to publish your terminologic guides) and how to translate technical terms. The first steps (core messages ) are important because they will determine the essential terminology and you'll need to be consistent and there will be some disagreement or multiple propositions that may be hard to decide at the beginning and difficult to change later.
  • Ideally you should also look at how "similar" languages have been translated, so you should also consider comparing with other languages used in the same or nearby regions and not just your native one. also accept that there may be variants preferred in other regions, and some way to choose something that will be acceptable by most (but not necessarily all your users).

The fact that there's a banner at top of pages just signals that the translation interface is still not opened for that language (so you can't select it, it you try, you may fall to the translation interface for another language. Also Be ware that Marwari is a macrolanguage that have several variants with different codes. As still, none of the member languages for that macrolanguage have any translation, so may be it would be helpful to get translators for a few other member languages in that macrolanguage, so you could eventually choose a common terminology that could be reused with little adaptation for other member languages with less efforts: not all these languages are spoken in India, so be ready to discuss as well with other native speakers in other countries or living abroad, even if for one given member language you follow the terminology and choices endorsed by a local academic reference). Wikimedia is international and does not necessarily adheres to a single national authority.

Now if you really want to start translatiung the UI for your Incubator test, ask for it here (I don't think this language has ever been exported, or it was asked at some time by someone but never followed by efforts. Languages that are enabled here must have some use on a known wiki or have an active community. And ideally this community should not be reduced to a single user. So invite some of your followers in Incubator to sustain your request. Thanks.

Verdy p (talk)22:47, 6 August 2020

Thank you for the detailed response! There is a Wikimedia Incubator here, but there are not many active contributors (at present, I think it's just me). I'm also unsure if I alone can translate all 700 messages quickly. Considering what you've said, I'm think we'll probably have to wait a bit until there are more people to start translating the interface.

सदस्य (talk)00:38, 12 August 2020

Ok, so develop a bit further the incubator in that language (even if the UI itself is still not translated, you can add content there, to attract more people). Then together you'll register the users in the portal, and will together ask to translate the UI ; you'll start by the 700 core messages, if you're active enough, this will be loaded in Wikimedia Incubator for continuing your tests there with this UI in beta stage in Incubator.

The initial phase for these ~700 core messages is important: you'll probably have to change various messages multiple times to get a consensus and have a coherent UI. You may not need to translate all the 700 but at least a significant number (about 85% should be enough to allow them to exported from and imported first in your Incubator wiki).

As consensus will progress, you may have these messages also used for other incubator projects (Wikipedia is not just the one you'll want to experiment, probably a Wiktionary edition will be useful to document your terminology, and some Wikisource for importing some important texts usable as a reference, such as local laws, or famous literature or religious texts).

You'll have to make sure that Marwari is not confused between the variant used in India and Pakistan, using different scripts. Note that these variants have different scripts, but both scripts may be used: one of them is just prefered in India, another (Perso-Arabic) prefered in Pakistan but they both exist in both countries.

You should also work with Wikimedia admins and together with other contributors if you need to develop a transliterator, which could first start as a local Javascript gadget and could finally become a variant requiring new language codes if transliteration is just approximative. If there's such variant defined, you may then request adding these variants in this wiki to adapt the UI as well for different scripts.

Starting a new language is a long patient work. The initial steps are not easy and must not be negected: it's less important to have big statistics on tyhe number of messages translated than to have the base core functional, tested, vetted with other users that could help you find better alternatives you did not initially thought about. That's why it's important to develop a local community: The Wikimedia incubator can help you develop it and then demonstrate that it is active and that it interests more users. And the only way to interest more users is to start developing content in that language, for various topics of use (in my opinion, developing a dictionnary and starging trascripting some important cultural texts are the most important goal; don't waste too much efforts on creating a custom presentation and layout and many templates except some navigation boxes that will link the esssential content and will allow more users to find them and then start expanding them).

Verdy p (talk)14:04, 12 August 2020

Bad/machine/wrong translations

User:BaRaN6161 TURK had been doing bad or totally wrong or machine translations for a few months, and he had been doing them A LOT! We warned him a few time (in the Turkish Wikipedia too) but even his responses are machine translations! We need to stop him immediately, unless, he's causing so many problems for the Turkish translations. Not only creating new ones, but also changing the correct translations with unproper versions.

Rapsar (talk)08:19, 26 July 2020

Sigh, how are we supposed to see such problems if they're discussed elsewhere? Thread:User talk:BaRaN6161 TURK/Translator permission revoked

Nemo (talk)08:32, 26 July 2020

thanks god, someone finally stopped him. have a nice day, Nemo :)

evrifaessa ❯❯❯ mesaj16:00, 26 July 2020

Spelling mistake

Kiwix:About-kiwix-desktop-description/en spells "stored" as "store" in the last sentence.

Sabelöga (talk)06:34, 15 July 2020

Thanks, submitted a PR to fix this here:


Abijeet Patro (talk)15:15, 15 July 2020


Sabelöga (talk)10:44, 17 July 2020

Replace target for Ask question for Commons-android

Currently the "Ask question" link for Commons-android messages points to Phabricator, but on phab:T205512 Aklapper mentions that those should go to GitHub instead.

Basetalkcontributions02:36, 17 July 2020

Replace "this wiki" with SITENAME in "searchmenu-exists"

Is that possible to replace „this wiki” with {{SITENAME}} variable in MediaWiki:Searchmenu-exists/en? As fas as I know that message was modified on English Wikipedia just to use actual wiki name and honestly I don't see any particular reason to not have it by default. Thanks!

Rail (talk | translations)12:16, 16 July 2020

What's the benefit?

As for the costs, using SITENAME in MediaWiki messages is always problematic because agglutinative languages like Finnish will often need to inflect the name. Then Grammar support is needed.

Nemo (talk)12:38, 16 July 2020

I'm aware of that but

  1. messages in other languages won't be changes until someone manually updates them with SITENAME and GRAMMAR if necessary
  2. overall I think use of SITENAME would make wikis experience more individual (SITENAME is pretty much a standard in most extensions/core messages).

Anyway this is a small change in one message that no so much people will see (most visitors comes from Google or direct search suggestions) so I'm not going to argue about it too much.

And you?

Rail (talk | translations)12:49, 16 July 2020

I still didn't hear what the benefit would be.

Nemo (talk)13:02, 16 July 2020

Then read my message again please. There are at least few wikis that changed this message only to use their wiki names instead of generic "this wiki" text. Saving the time of admins on another ones is my key point here but if you want to be against my idea just for being against, feel free.

Rail (talk | translations)13:38, 16 July 2020

The fact that some wikis do it doesn't tell us why they did it, nor that it would be appropriate for other wikis.

Nemo (talk)13:51, 16 July 2020

I noticed when translating that the page Wikimedia:Wpcleaner-eca40d-The error hasn''t been detecte/en has 2 ' in hasn't. I assume this is a typo?

Dutchy45 (talk)18:25, 15 July 2020

Indeed, it must be. I have submitted a pull request to the GitHub repo to fix this (there were several more cases as well): .

Jon Harald Søby (talk)23:20, 15 July 2020

Hi. Thanks, but it's not a typo: with placeholders like "{0}" in the original text, the single quotes need to be escaped with another single quote (not sure it's absolutely needed in each case, but it avoids trouble with single quotes preventing the placeholders to be expanded with their value). I'm not merging the pull request, and it wouldn't be enough as the .pot file is generated from the Java source code.

NicoV (talk)06:24, 16 July 2020

I've added an explanation on each message (in the Message documentation qqq)

NicoV (talk)06:44, 16 July 2020

Understood (partially). Is there also a reason why the last word is detecte instead of detected?

Dutchy45 (talk)11:37, 16 July 2020

I think that the page names are truncated compared to the actual text (the text doesn't stop at "detected" but goes on with "in page {0}").

Trying to explain again with other words :

  • Constructs like {0} are replaced by values by the software
  • Single quotes can prevent this replacement (they're escaping the text)
  • Doubling single quotes can prevent single quotes to interact with {0}
NicoV (talk)12:13, 16 July 2020

edits not showing in Global account information

Hello, I just started and translated some texts, but when I checked I saw they aren't counted in my Global account information or my X-tools statistics. Is there a reason for this? Dutchy45 (talk)

Dutchy45 (talk)19:12, 12 July 2020

The reason is, that is not hosted by the WMF. It is a separate project with separate login et al.

Raymond05:24, 13 July 2020

Translate: need source links to be active in the documentation window

Hi all, When I try to translate following message for example concerning I wonder about what is an External Viewer.

The documentation window show suggestion #: org/wikipediacleaner/gui/swing/menu/ but where is this code ?? If a link was provided, I could jump directly to the source and check the context. I remember that some documentation windows held active links. But sorry couldn't find them back.

It would be really a great help to have active links insead of these static indications.


Christian 🇫🇷 FR (talk)08:16, 11 July 2020

Request for Mara Chin language (Mara (Tlosaih)) [mrh]


Please add a new language, Mara language to Wikipedia. Mara language is the native language of Mara people who live in Myanmar and India. There are about 400,000 native speakers.

Teitei Para (talk)19:29, 25 June 2020

I made the correct page Portal:Mrh and prepared the code for its classification.

Still, I did not enable the language (I cannot do it myself).

(Is it you that posted the message posted there, that I kept at the bottom of the tentative portal (it is signed by User:Teitei, not User:Teitei Para, so you seem to have two user accounts).

Note that it is not absolutely required to have at least a Wikipedia incubator. But it should be useful to request one, so that you can start working with a test wiki and then the supprot on this wiki will be to start translating the Wiki user interface and test it in the Wikipedia incubator. But you can still create an incubator and test it with another UI language (English or any other existing supported language of Myanmar or India, notably in Mizoram which also has languages supported and using the Latin script as well). Try convincing other users in your region to join your efforts for this Wikipedia incubator and test the UI: if you're ready with such group, and you provide to the admins of this wiki a test wiki (Wikipedia incubator, or Omegawiki) where it would be desirable to have an UI), your request will be satisfied more easily.

But translating an UI in a language for which there's no wiki content at all any where to use with this UI is unlikely to succeed. But if you succeed, you'll start creating an UI, that will be tested in Wikipedia incubator or Omegawiki, and later if you pass a good enough translation level (at least the 500 core messages for MediaWiki), you'll get a chance to request the addition of another full wiki (but still you'll be able to continue your work on the test wiki, and to improve the support for amny other languages on this wiki).

In all cases, you need to create some content in the requested language on a test wiki before you can request translating the UI and test it. Don't work alone: this can be easily achived with a small group of people. May be a Wikipedia incubator wiki is not the first goal you'll want, and you may choose an incubator Wikitionnary (which is a very interesting thing to do to support your language, and create and document a stable terminology and orthography), or a test incubator for Wikibooks where you'll want to publish some lexicons, or a test incibator for Wikisource if you want to reproduce old free litterary works from some free corpus of texts in your language (ask your local book libraries if you can reproduce them or ask for religious texts, or ask for public documents produced by your local administration in that language).

Verdy p (talk)01:06, 26 June 2020

This is now enabled.

For example, you can start translating MediaWiki to Mara at

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)08:06, 1 July 2020

Thank you so much

Teitei Para (talk)19:22, 1 July 2020

I just removed the "disabled language" notices in the portal and related categories

Verdy p (talk)11:56, 8 July 2020

Why babel user information is in English? How do I change it into Mara?

ᴍᴀʀᴀ ᴛᴀʏᴛᴀʏ (talk)19:44, 8 July 2020

They are translatable as part of the standard translatable projects for Mediawiki on this wiki. Just translate them the normal way with the standard translator interface. There's a dedicated subgroup for "Babel" strings. what you see is just the standard fallback to English, because these messages are still not translated.

If you want, you may request that this language fallbacks to another language (Burmese? Hindi? or even Bengalese?) before falling back to English. But India and Myanmar have lot of national languages, and English is generally used in both countries as the common "de facto" interchange language between communities speaking different languages.

If another fallback is used for Mara Chin, it could be to another more "popular" regional language (such as Mizo) directly tied with Mara Chin, in the same region of Mizoram in India or in the nearby region of Myanmar.

But translating the Babel box messages is usually not a priority for any project (and not translating them has never been blocking the deployment of any wiki). Most users want first to haver the core Mediawiki UI messages translated because they will be constantly exposed to these messages.

Translating Babel boxes is very secondary and many users do not even use Babelboxes on their user pages (and Babelboxes are not used on all wikis that prefer to use something else (or that do not want to support "user pages" in the "User:" namespace, and just want to support their own community forums, and otherwise use their own system of private mailboxes or interpersonal communication tools, including chats). Babelboxes are also not suitable for general talk pages.

Verdy p (talk)03:10, 9 July 2020

Permission error while translating [nds-nl]

You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:

You do not have permission to edit this page because it contains raw HTML which can be modified to affect all visitors.

Permissions for editing of sitewide CSS/JS/JSON files were recently separated from the editinterface right. If you do not understand why you are getting this error, see mw:Special:MyLanguage/MediaWiki_1.32/interface-admin.

Why do I get this message, I'm one of the few (if not the only Dutch Low Saxon translator here) and can't even update my own translations, what do I need to do to be able to do that?

Servien (talk)19:20, 9 July 2020

A few legacy messages contain some dangerous HTML that can only be edited by admins.

This is the case when there are `href=""` attributes (which could be used to insert external links to rogue sites) or `<a>`anchor tags (forbidden in MediaWiki), or javascript snippets.

Specify the translation you need in this support page: the link to the message you can't edit yourself, and the desired translated text.

Verdy p (talk)21:13, 9 July 2020

S'gaw Karen Babel user Information is not written in S'gaw Karen

The S'gaw Karen Babel user information is already translated into S'gaw Karen language however, on the Portal:ksw page, the Babel user information box is written in English. Can you change it to S'gaw Karen?

SawJaemin (talk)15:03, 3 January 2020

It looks like translations are missing. Could you please translate these messages?

Raymond11:03, 11 January 2020

Yes, I have translated most of the phrases but I still haven't see the S'gaw Karen translated version on the Portal:ksw page. Why is the S'gaw Karen language not added to Wikimedia? Can you add the language? Most of the important messages is already translated.

SawJaemin (talk)17:37, 14 January 2020

The Portal:ksw is written in that language, with the local name correctly displayed. You may just want to create or update the translations for the Babel box messages (for user pages).

Verdy p (talk)12:15, 8 July 2020

Translation to Kildin Sami (кӣллт са̄мь кӣлл) [sjd]

I would like to start translating to Kildin Sami (ISO 629 code is sjd) as I am currently working on Kildin Sami Wikipedia in Incubator. I would also ask to change its autonym into more appropriate Кӣллт са̄мь кӣлл instead of Кӣллт са̄мь.
Thanks in advance.

Meerrahtar (talk)22:12, 2 March 2020
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 19:45, 31 March 2020


Thanks for the request.

I'll enable it soon.

The name is already fixed, but not deployed yet. The fix will be deployed soon.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)18:40, 31 March 2020

Issues with singular-plural in Odia (language: or)

In the w:Odia language, the singular-plural localization does not work exactly the way it works in English (which is the source language here). For instance, this is translated correctly but is flagged by the system as outdated. The reason is the l10n of "language" ("ଭାଷା") is used both as singular and plural. The reason is that is how it would make sense. It is a feature of the language and that does not need to change to conform to a rule that is set for English. Can this be changed across the project for Odia? To illustrate, I have created a table below.

Caption text
English Odia translation Faulty Odia translation if one has to conform to the rule set
available in 1 language ୧ଗୋଟି ଭାଷାରେ ଉପଲବ୍ଧ ୧ଗୋଟି ଭାଷାରେ ଉପଲବ୍ଧ (same as previous cell)
available in 10 language ୧୦ଗୋଟି ଭାଷାରେ ଉପଲବ୍ଧ ୧୦ଗୋଟି ଭାଷାଗୁଡ଼ିକରେ ଉପଲବ୍ଧ [1]


1. This is a wrong translation as it shows two plurals -- one that is formed because of the suffix "ଗୋଟି" (meaning "times") and another because of the plural form "languages". When English uses just the number and a plural form of the noun ("language"), Odia uses a suffix right next to the digit. So the literal translation of "୧ଗୋଟି ଭାଷା" is "one language" and "୧୦ଗୋଟି ଭାଷାରେ ଉପଲବ୍ଧ" is "10 languages".

Psubhashish (talk)10:05, 7 July 2020

Where to locate languages names in Wikipedia sidebar

Hi. I'm an admin from the Western Frisian Wikipedia (fywiki). If you go there, you'll see in the sidebar at the left side of your screen Wikipedias in other languages listed, under the heading "Yn oare talen". If you pause your cursor on a language name a message appears consisting of the page name in the other language and the name of the other language. So, for instance, if you place your cursor on "English" the message says: "Main Page – Ingelsk". My question is about the language names in those messages. In the Western Frisian Wikipedia those language names are riddled with mistakes. Half of them are in Dutch in stead of Western Frisian, and most of the rest are misspelled. This annoys me to no end. However, my search to locate these language names so I can correct them has been unsuccessfull so far. I suspect they have to be stored somewhere on TranslateWiki. Could you tell me where to find them, or if they're not stored here, direct me to the correct site? Thank you in advance. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (talk) 22:07, 29 June 2020 (UTC)

Ieneach fan 'e Esk (talk)22:07, 29 June 2020

Except for the autonyms (language names in these languages themselves), also returned by the {{#language:code}} parser function of Mediawiki to get these autonyms, which are resolved in a static PHP class:

all translated language names come from CLDR data. CLDR data is also used if autonyms are not found in this class (which is a local override of CLDR). This is also applies to {{#language:code|fy}} parser function of Mediawiki to get language names in Western Frisian

For Western Frisian see (last published version is v37):

If translated names are missing, fallbacks are used, and so they will use the normal BCP47 rules for Western Frisian and will fallback to Dutch, otherwise to English.

To solve it, go to CLDR and start translating and vetting missing names (it is open today) (you need to register a translator account there).

After a new CLDR version will be published, and new names were vetted successfully, they will be loaded in Wikimedia with the CLDR data update...

Verdy p (talk)03:18, 30 June 2020

Thanks, Verdy p. That is very helpful. This stuff is hidden pretty good. I don't think I would ever have found it on my own.

Ieneach fan 'e Esk (talk)09:43, 30 June 2020

It's not hidden, but Wikimedia decided to not maintain these translations by itself. There are over 7000 languages in ISO 639 (not counting variants), and translating all pairs would require over 49 millions translations (this is a huge work: best to work with international contributors and not just inside Wikimedia or this small wiki), so fallbacks are used, and BCP 47 rules are used.

Note that CLDR still does not support localisation to all these languages, but it supports a lot (and at least those supported in this wiki and in Wikimedia). Other languages may be requested to the CLDR TC at Unicode. But you need convincing arguments (e.g. there exists a demonstrated need for contents, such as a wiki on Wikimedia or Omegawiki, or other softwares or text catalogs).

Some languages can also be requested here if they have a test wiki in Wikimedia Incubator (for that you need to contact the Wikimedia admins on Wikimedia Incubator, and in the Wikimedia Languages Commitee, but opening a new Incubator is easy; this does not mean that it can be done without taking care of the technical infrastructure of Wikimedia Incubaor; the Incubator has lot of test wikis that are not maintained and will never bring the creation of a new wiki edition for Wikipedia or Wiktionary).

But creating a test wiki in Incubator or Omegawiki can be done even before support for the language is added here. Once this test wiki starts being helpful, you can come here to request translting the UI and then contact Wikimedia Incubator admins or Omegawiki admins so that they import the translations made here, and separately you can request to CLDR TC to start translations too (but CLDR is very slow for its versioning, about one edition each year, and the process is very long and it requires enough vetters and convincing sources and support by more than just a single translator).

Verdy p (talk)17:53, 30 June 2020
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