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{{msg-mantis|S reminder sent to|notext=yes}}422:25, 13 November 2009
{{msg-mw|Mwe-saving|notext=1}}322:25, 13 November 2009
site JS broken (IE7) - jQuery is undefined322:25, 13 November 2009
Qp user polls link122:25, 13 November 2009
{{msg-mw|Lqt-feed-title-all-from|notext=1}}222:25, 13 November 2009
Typo in {{msg-mw|Maps_unrecognized_coords|notext=1}}222:25, 13 November 2009
StatusNet message122:25, 13 November 2009
{{msg-mw|Wikieditor-toolbar-tool-link-int-invalid|notext=1}}221:36, 13 November 2009
Osm:Prompt twitter221:36, 13 November 2009
{{msg-mw|Ow Multiple meanings|notext=yes}}121:36, 13 November 2009
{{msg-mw|qp_error_no_stats|notext=3}}121:36, 13 November 2009
Messages followups suddenly coming by emails : this is just spam from this wiki !321:36, 13 November 2009
StatusNet - order on Special:Translate321:36, 13 November 2009
{{msg-mw|Lqt_in_response_to|notext=yes}}421:35, 13 November 2009
More space behind {{msg-mw|lqt-menu-trigger|notext=1}}121:35, 13 November 2009
Tab order in edit window521:35, 13 November 2009
Closed captioning121:35, 13 November 2009
Plural in StatusNet221:35, 13 November 2009
MediaWiki:Protect-unchain-permissions121:32, 13 November 2009
{{msg-mw|Makesysopfail|notext=yes}}121:23, 13 November 2009
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{{msg-mantis|S reminder sent to|notext=yes}}

I think name of reminder target should be passed as parameter, not glued by software to avoid grammar issues.

EugeneZelenko15:04, 11 November 2009

Done Done

Siebrand19:58, 11 November 2009

The original message doesn't seem to have been changed (no parameter appears). Is it a $1 after the colon?

Hamilton Abreu03:45, 12 November 2009

The original message has changed. The hard coded colon in the code has moved to the message. No parameter with a comma separated list of usernames was added, if *that* is what you expected.

Siebrand08:02, 12 November 2009

Ohhhhhh, I see :-) Got it. Thanks.

Hamilton Abreu11:27, 12 November 2009


I suppose this should be saving... (with ellipsis and not just two dots). --Toliño Fala aquí comigo 17:31, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

Toliño Fala aquí comigo 17:31, 11 November 2009

The convention is that English does not use ellipsis; you are free to use it in your localisation, however. If there are two dots - have to go home, will check later - that will be fixed to use three dots.

Siebrand17:36, 11 November 2009

I'm not sure, but I think I've been misunderstood: with "ellipsis" I mean "dot-dot-dot" or "three dots".

Toliño Fala aquí comigo 17:40, 11 November 2009

Done Done mwr:58920.

Siebrand18:55, 11 November 2009

site JS broken (IE7) - jQuery is undefined

JS is broken in IE7, please reenabled jQuery or change back to MediaWiki without jQuery. Thanks.

Der Umherirrende16:43, 11 November 2009

We are not going to do that. Please report the MediaWiki issues you find in bugzilla:. Thanks.

Siebrand16:54, 11 November 2009

That is my problem, I find no issue what I can report. I will wait for the reenabled of extension UsabilityInitiative and have then a look at I. Thanks for looking at my thread.

Der Umherirrende18:20, 11 November 2009

There is jQuery already include with MediaWiki. Can you use it instead of the one Usability extensions have?

Nike19:02, 11 November 2009

Qp user polls link

What is $1 in Qp user polls link ("Participated in $1 polls")? The number of polls?

fryed-peach13:29, 12 November 2009

Done Done Documented and fixed in mwr:58943.

Siebrand13:49, 12 November 2009


Seems that optional PLURAL support for it isn't working. With current translation on /et it displays title on RSS page as "Uued postitused lehekülgedel Support". But should be leheküljel despite lehekülgedel as there is one referenced page (Support), shouldn't it? Same kind of optional PLURAL support is on Lqt-feed-title-new-threads-from and lqt-feed-title-replies-from, but I don't know where these appear to check whether working.

Pikne19:45, 12 November 2009

Done Done Fixed in mwr:58967

Siebrand20:26, 12 November 2009

Thank you!

Pikne20:32, 12 November 2009

Typo in {{msg-mw|Maps_unrecognized_coords|notext=1}}

The message contains the word where. Shouldn't it be were, without h?

Michawiki21:41, 12 November 2009
Michawiki21:55, 12 November 2009

Done Done mwr:58976

Siebrand22:08, 12 November 2009

StatusNet message

Please remove the period from "Not subscribed!."

OsamaK06:49, 13 November 2009
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 14:16, 13 November 2009

Done Done (in code - will be updated here in a day or so)

Siebrand10:30, 13 November 2009


Does 'title' in this message always mean 'page title'? Lloffiwr 20:27, 10 November 2009 (UTC)

Lloffiwr20:27, 10 November 2009

Yes, it's the title of a page when you create an internal link.

Dani | talk21:24, 10 November 2009

Done Done Thanks for info - now documented. Lloffiwr 19:45, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

Lloffiwr19:45, 11 November 2009

What can parameter $1 be in this message? --Toliño Fala aquí comigo 16:57, 10 November 2009 (UTC)

Toliño Fala aquí comigo 16:58, 10 November 2009

It's the number of characters remaining of the twitter message (counted down from 140). Just like on the homepage.

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason18:38, 10 November 2009

{{msg-mw|Ow Multiple meanings|notext=yes}}

I think this message should use double quotes for consistency.

EugeneZelenko15:10, 10 November 2009

Done Done in mwr:58880 and some more.

Siebrand21:31, 10 November 2009


Original English message says "No statistical data is available, because noone has voted for this poll". noone shoud be written separately.

Dani | talk00:22, 10 November 2009

Done Done mwr:58858. Siebrand 08:17, 10 November 2009 (UTC)

Siebrand08:17, 10 November 2009

Messages followups suddenly coming by emails : this is just spam from this wiki !

I have never subscribed the option to receive hundreds of emails just because someone has replied to some messages here.

Activating by default a new option that will send emails is extremely damaging. This is clearly spam !

I now I am receiving hundreds of messages at very high speed and there's no way to stop it, until your outgoing queue stops delivering messages sent here since many weeks (or month ?).

This is a sever bug. Please stop your spam sending bot (I have just removed the option you have activated, it does not stop the flow).

Please remember : NEVER activate by default any new option that will send emails to users, unless they subscribe them explicitly.


Verdy p20:50, 9 November 2009

Let's consider it even after what we had to revert from you :) Be advised that there is an open bugzilla:21457. Thanks for the report and apologies for the inconvenience. I got some 25 messages myself, too... :( I'll see if I can disable the defailt setting. Cheers!

Siebrand22:23, 9 November 2009

Been bold and committed mwr:58850 to disable 'lqtnotifytalk' by default. Users now have to deliberately enable notifications from LiquidThreads

Siebrand22:32, 9 November 2009

Thank you ... Am happy with your being carefully bold

GerardM23:13, 9 November 2009

StatusNet - order on Special:Translate

Why the order of the message was changed on Special:Translate? It is very hard to review all messages, when you cannot restart with the message, which was last edit from you. Maybe it is the same problem, why fuzzied message are not counted on Special:LanguageStats.

Der Umherirrende20:03, 9 November 2009

I have no idea what you are talking about. As far as I can see no ordering was changed.

Siebrand20:19, 9 November 2009

Sorry, I am meaning the other look of that special page.

Der Umherirrende06:42, 10 November 2009

THe number of messages for StatusNet was reduced from some 1250 to fewer than 950. The messages are extracted from the code, which is different from the way it works in most other products we support. The order can indeed change, but at least there are some 300 fewer messages to be reviewed and translated...

Siebrand08:20, 10 November 2009


Is it used in the current LQT-version? (Didn't find in the source code where it's used.) If yes, what supposed to be after the text "above:"?

Dani | talk19:52, 9 November 2009

Done Done Execellent find. Looked for a few others, and found 2 more unused. mwr:58828.

Siebrand20:06, 9 November 2009


Dani | talk20:14, 9 November 2009

I've finished updating LQT-translations, and found some other unused messages:

Dani | talk23:45, 9 November 2009

Done Done

Siebrand06:54, 10 November 2009

More space behind {{msg-mw|lqt-menu-trigger|notext=1}}

Edited by author.
Last edit: 16:31, 9 November 2009

Is it possible to have more space between the word More and the small arrow in Liquid Threads? In Upper and Lower Sorbian the arrow is very close by the word Wjace resp. Wěcej. Upper Sorbian has a shorter variant Wjac. This helps. But Lower Sorbian has not. --Michawiki 16:31, 9 November 2009 (UTC)

Michawiki16:31, 9 November 2009

I think it would be best if you reported this in bugzilla:. Please make certain that you attach a screenshot there.

Siebrand16:34, 9 November 2009

Tab order in edit window

Somehow, summary and Save, Preview, Show Changes buttons are wrongly enumerated (or omitted from tab enumeration) when editing messages or templates. So it's not possible to switch from editor to summary with Tab key. Problems happens today. I use monobook.

EugeneZelenko15:01, 9 November 2009

I have no idea what you mean. I think a screenshot would mean the world.

Siebrand15:19, 9 November 2009

Start editing. Then press tab key. Focus and cursor should be moved into Summary field. Work in case of LiqudThreads. In regular edit window focus came to Cancel, Help and special symbols area.

EugeneZelenko15:39, 9 November 2009

If you don't mean the translation dialog from Translate extension, this is a bug in MediaWiki and should be reported on the bugzilla.

Nike08:22, 10 November 2009

I think this is related to a few issues that came from the UsabilityInitiative JavaScript library. I have disabled them for now, and asked Raymond to test well before enabling them again.

Siebrand09:37, 10 November 2009

Thank you for help! Issue looks resolved.

EugeneZelenko15:11, 10 November 2009

Closed captioning

mwe-closed_captions ("Closed captions") probably has a typo in the English version – it should be closed captions (not close), which causes the translations to be wrong. The message refers (IIANM) to wikipedia:Closed captioning, not to closing some captions (rather, to the exact opposite – to display the subtitles). --Mormegil 13:33, 9 November 2009 (UTC)

Siebrand13:48, 9 November 2009

Done Done mwr:58824

Siebrand16:43, 9 November 2009

Plural in StatusNet

Is it possible to add plural support to the following StatusNet messages:

By the way, StatusNet message names are scary. ;)--OsamaK 03:29, 9 November 2009 (UTC)

StatusNet does not yet properly support plural. It also uses a bunch of patchwork messages. We are/I am working with StatusNet to get this resolved asap. You can choose to not translate these messages for now, or translate them anyway and wait until they are marked fuzzy. Siebrand 13:39, 9 November 2009 (UTC)
Siebrand13:47, 9 November 2009
Oh, I see. Also, the Arabic translation is over 35%.. Do you know whether it will be included in the next update of (I think in November 20)?--OsamaK 14:46, 9 November 2009 (UTC)
OsamaK14:46, 9 November 2009

I will be adding it as a new language this evening. I do not know about the release procedures that StatusNet has. I have spoken to Brion last night, and I expect a lot of i18n related updates this week. So please keep working on it! Cheers!

Siebrand14:58, 9 November 2009


Can we have a bit of documentation for protect-unchain-permissions ("Unlock further protect options")? I do not understand it - that may be contextual - and several translators have understood it differently as it seems to me, and as far as my understanding of the respective languages goes. --Purodha Blissenbach 12:45, 8 November 2009 (UTC)

This is a nice exercise for you to get familiar with the MediaWiki core code. Looking forward to your documentation. Thanks. Siebrand 15:52, 8 November 2009 (UTC)
Siebrand13:47, 9 November 2009
Little time to go into details for now, certainly not this year. Going to come back. Hopefully, this shall appear at the right place. Having trouble with the new layout and style. --Purodha Blissenbach 00:55, 13 November 2009 (UTC)
Purodha Blissenbach00:55, 13 November 2009


Message Makesysopfail was deleted on january 2007 from translatewiki, but exists pl de in Wikipedias. Sp5uhe 23:13, 1 November 2009 (UTC)

Sp5uhe23:13, 1 November 2009

The extensions are no longer active at the time of writing (see wikipedia:Special:Version)

Siebrand13:41, 9 November 2009
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