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-moz-column-rule:thin solid;-webkit-column-rule:thin solid;column-rule:thin solid;

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The documentation of this template is included from its /doc subpage. [Edit]
Generates some CSS styles to ensure compatibility with most browsers.
  • {{Column-rule|width line-style color}}
  • 1= Width, line-style, and color rules centered in gaps between columns, thin solid by default.
  • If you use narrow columns of text, you'll want to reduce the default gap width separating them; but in that case you should use contrasting vertical column-rules that will be centered in each gap for easier reading (don't use a rule width less than .5em, or 5px if the rule width is thin or just one pixel).
  • style="{{{{BASEPAGENAME}}|1px solid #AAA}}" generates:
    style="-moz-column-rule:1px solid #AAA;-webkit-column-rule:1px solid #AAA;column-rule:1px solid #AAA;"
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