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; See also<nowiki>:</nowiki>
; See also<nowiki>:</nowiki>
* [[Template:Doc missing]]
* [[Template:Doc missing]] – internal banner displayed.
* [[Template:Doc included]]
* [[Template:Doc included]] – internal banner displayed.
* [[Template:Doc viewed]]
* [[Template:Doc viewed]] – to use at the top of <tt>/doc</tt> subpages.
<!-- Categories for the parent template page -->
<!-- Categories for the parent template page -->
[[Category:<!-- please subcategorize here --> templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:Template documentation templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
<!-- Interwikis for the parent template page -->
<!-- Categories for this documentation page only -->
[[Category:Template documentation pages|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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This is the documentation subpage for the parent Template:Doc page.

Use this template at end of a template (within a <noinclude> </noinclude> section) to create and then show its documentation placed in a "/doc" subpage.

  • {{Doc}}
  • none
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