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The documentation of Identical/doc this template is included from its /doc subpage (Edit)


With all of the extensions that MediaWiki has, there has bound to be some overlaps in the messages, e.g. messages that are identical to each other. To help with this, there is a “documentation” field above the edit window for messages. If one or more messages are identical to the message you are translating, this window will show a list of these messages with links.

Remember that while it is often safe to assume that these messages will be the same when they are translated, there may be some circumstances where they have to be different from each other when translated, even though the English versions are the same. So you should check the context of the message to see if it is different from the others.

This template is meant to function as a primitive manual version of Translation Memory, until such time that an automatic tool exists.

How to use this template

This template uses only one parameter, {{{1}}}. That parameter is the name of a subpage of the template, which contains links to the messages in question. The template is to be used on the documentation page of messages that have an identical counterpart. For an example of how it used, see MediaWiki:About/qqq, where it transcludes the page Template:Identical/About. For a list of subpages, see Special:PrefixIndex/Template:Identical/.

Implementation notes

When added with AJAX, call $( '.mw-identical-title' ).makeCollapsible(); after it is added to the document to make it work.

In other cases (on the Template:Identical/… page and on the MediaWiki:…/qqq page) it works by default when the page is loaded.

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