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Leute vs. Personen

  • "Leute" has in german a more friendly, private and common sound than "Personen" which is more used in official reports (missing persons, accidents, crime). * Many of the readers are one of these "Personen".
  • iNaturalist is using people not persons - "translate not customize!"
  • The intention of the english original is very obvious, when they use "person" in singular and "people" in plural (avoiding (!) "persons"): iNaturalist:X people like this/de (click edit to see the complete template).
  • Most changes preferred words with Germanic root compared to the word with Latin root, here the other way around.
  • According to dict "Leute" is used more often than "Personen" (~1700:~100).
Lib2know (talk)22:26, 3 August 2015