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I'm grateful for your translations, hence I'm listening and I'm seriously considering all your arguments. I heard contradictory arguments about what annoys people more, an English or a French string, and whether such annoyance brings people to translate more; my answer is simply that, whoever is right, this argument is unacceptable.

"What worked so far" is also not an acceptable argument, because it's based on a biased sample (those who could live with the [almost certainly] sub-optimal configuration this language had, differently from all the others).

Back to concrete proposals: if you need ways to find out that some new messages urgently need to be translated, that's a very important issue and we need to work on a feature in Translate that fixes it systematically. The current system only provides two ways: using Special:LanguageStats to translate certain important groups completely; and visiting Special:Translate/!additions regularly to see new messages. You're saying you'd need something else or something smarter, correct? What kind of system would you like to have and how often would you like to check (or be notified)?

Nemo (talk)11:56, 26 February 2017

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