Requesting for Adminstration

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Requesting for Adminstration

I would like to be a Administrator here for having access to Special:ReplaceText, I think after near one year activity here and near 2k edit I have enough experience for using this extension wisely. I don't know granting access in translatewiki is community based or not but I think the Persian translators community can trust me for having this access. Special:ReplaceText is very good for finding exact instance of one Regex template in texts and I think I know needed Regex sufficient.

    ebraminiotalk22:50, 28 March 2011
    granted granted
      Mardetanha talk23:03, 28 March 2011

      Sorry to step in here. ReplaceText is not to be used by users with the Administrator/sysop role; we reserve usage of this functionality to staff. I am removing this right for administrators. We suggest using a pywikipediabot.

        Siebrand08:53, 29 March 2011