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You are right: " languages" is supposed to be a guide to the processes related to the support of languages specifically on I like your ideas on expanding the page, and hope that you will make some amendments to the page - as I've commented, editing your own work is not an easy task. I'm not convinced about chopping the fallback language section. I think documentation on fallback should be on a page which might eventually qualify to be localised. FAQ can't be localised, because it changes too often. I prefer improving the fallback section so that it's as good as or better than the section on FAQ. But it doesn't have to stay on " languages". If there is another page where it would fit, it could be moved there. However, I take your point that the link from Project:About would be better staying to the fallback section of the FAQ page.

With regard to changing the About page, this would have been revised and updated a long time ago, if it weren't one of the pages already set up for translation. That's why I suggested changing two already existing links which could be done by a bot perhaps, or even manually by myself on all languages, without having to bother the other translators. So, I like the idea of summarising the " languages" page on Project:About and adding a link, and would be glad if you could do this.

Lloffiwr (talk)16:47, 15 July 2012