$1 in {{msg-mw|Mwe-missing desc see source|notext=yes}}

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Revision as of 16 May 2010 at 22:25.
The subject of this thread was changed from "$1 in Mwe-missing desc see source?" to "$1 in Mwe-missing desc see source".

$1 in {{msg-mw|Mwe-missing desc see source|notext=yes}}

What's the $1 parameter in Mwe-missing desc see source. Currently difficult to translate when it's not known what it is.

    The Evil IP address01:51, 15 May 2010

    $1 is a link to the resource, because that's the most probably location to find information to add to the file description (that is currently missing).

      Siebrand22:23, 16 May 2010