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"Don't translate this message"

There're several messages like this one with a doc page saying "don't translate this message", but it doesn't make sense. Anyway, people keep translating those. Can anyone explain this? Or fix this, if needed?

    Piramidion (talk)19:27, 10 January 2019

    Many developers are not aware of our optional/ignored system (which they don't have direct access to).

      Nike (talk)19:35, 15 January 2019

      But it won't do any harm if I translate those, will it?

        Piramidion (talk)17:28, 16 January 2019

        It would do harm if Translate actually used your translations.

          Nemo (talk)06:53, 17 January 2019

          It is because some parts of the messages are reused in another place or hardcoded by the developper as they are. In case of mismatch it brings inconsistencies between what is described and what is coded. Of course a concrete example would have given us more informations about the precisely encountered situation. Names of products (Windows...), applications (Diffusion, Differential...) and similar are not translated to keep the consistency of the documentation.

            ChristianW (talk)13:31, 17 January 2019

            <ignore, accidentally posted on the wrong thread>

              Nike (talk)15:34, 23 January 2019