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Revision as of 2 December 2013 at 23:00.
The Blockly:MATH_RANDOM_FLOAT_HELPURL/en_39552 highlighted comment was created in this revision.

This string has the wrong help link.

    Siebrand07:48, 18 October 2013

    I believe this is now correct.

      Ellen Spertus (talk)04:59, 19 November 2013

      Looking through our commits, it doesn't seem to have changed. Does it still seem broken to you?

      MATH_RANDOM_FLOAT_HELPURL ("https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random_number_generation")

        Ellen Spertus (talk)05:05, 19 November 2013

        Looks fine. I probably meant that it had to be an HTTPS URL. Sometimes I don't use enough words when adding issues while translating...

          Siebrand23:00, 2 December 2013