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09:18, 28 July 2012 Nemo bis (talk | contribs) Moved  
09:10, 28 July 2012 Nemo bis (talk | contribs) New reply created (Reply to About [[MediaWiki:Mwe-upwiz-license-public-domain-usa-subhead/en]])
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08:41, 28 July 2012 Kghbln (talk | contribs) Changed subject from "About MediaWiki:Mwe-upwiz-license-public-domain-usa-subhead/tl" to "About MediaWiki:Mwe-upwiz-license-public-domain-usa-subhead/en"  
02:23, 28 July 2012 AnakngAraw (talk | contribs) New thread created  

Please clarify context for "must be" in this message. Does it mean similar to "should be" in one sense? Or does it mean somewhat like "could already be" or "might [already] be" or "maybe" in the other sense?

AnakngAraw (talk)02:23, 28 July 2012

It's a legal requirement. I added a /qqq, is it clear now?

Nemo (talk)09:10, 28 July 2012