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About MediaWiki:Translate-messagereview-reviewswithyou

Current version of MediaWiki:Translate-messagereview-reviewswithyou and MediaWiki:Translate-messagereview-reviews is incorrect. First section of PLURAL (for three-section style) match not only to the number "1", but also "21", "31" ets. Current text "you" is not math for this case.

Kaganer (talk)17:40, 15 September 2012

I'd like to use new {{PLURAL:$1|1=you|$1 users}} syntax but I'm afraid it is not possible until we drop support for 1.19.

Nike (talk)13:30, 18 October 2012

Is it possible to backport the feature? 1.19.x is only dropped in May 2013.

Siebrand14:56, 22 October 2012
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We should definitely consider that.

Nike (talk)11:35, 29 October 2012

See also these same problem in the MediaWiki:Search-result-size.

Kaganer (talk)14:48, 7 November 2012

It's probably worth creating an issue in bugzilla: for this. Backporting is still wanted.

Siebrand00:26, 29 December 2012

For Translate the new UX might get rid of this message.

Nike (talk)12:03, 8 February 2013

It seems it didn't.

Nemo (talk)20:37, 21 July 2013

Is support for 1.19 dropped or not? The extension's page says 1.19 is supported, but mw:MLEB requires 1.20 and Translate depends on ULS which requires 1.20...

Nemo (talk)19:45, 8 August 2013

I've updated the documentation. The currently version of MediaWiki extension Translate can only be used with MediaWiki 1.20 and later versions.

Siebrand12:40, 30 August 2013

From what I've understood,
the current message doesn't address languages having 2 plural forms (+1 singular).
So, the solution in this case would be to accommodate a language which has special plurals for numbers ending in '1'.
But only [2-9]1.
http://www.gnu.org/savannah-checkouts/gnu/gettext/manual/html_node/Plural-forms.html (Search for '1[2-9]')
Or this, MDN:Plurals

JadeMaveric (talk)04:23, 10 January 2016

See new documentation. This issue has been resolved. This is the new message. "translate-messagereview-reviewswithyou": "Reviewed by $1 users including you",

MtDu (talk)21:40, 24 January 2016