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About Phabricator:phabricator-diffusion-0f50f5cdbad0a3e2/fr problem that backslash n is ignored in the translations

Hi all


- the original text to translate is: "# Fetch received by \"%s\", forwarding to cluster host.\n",

- when I use the old editor, and I request to show the differences, the delta is a new line added by the developper (I guess the backslash n in the source text)

- then I add this newline manually (with Return key, one or several times) and submit the translation

- I reopen this message in the old editor -> the newlines are present in the translated text BUT the history of corrections has not registered my modifications (history is still stopped at previous contributor name)

- I decide to use the new Visual Editor; i'm disapointed because there is no diff option there

- the message I see has no new line so there would be nothing to translate (but I know there is one difference)

- should I use the \<br\> ? i dont know.

- moreof that, due to the ignored correction, the message remains presented again and again in loop in translatewiki as if it has never been translated


1. why newlines are not accepted in the translated text ?

2. why history is not updated ?

3. why message in loop for translation ?

ChristianW (talk)13:25, 17 January 2019

MediaWiki cannot deal with trailing spaces. The person who is managing Phabricator translations is aware of this and I expect this to be fixed later this year.

Nike (talk)15:45, 23 January 2019