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All of the messages which are including "($1,2,3.../%{foo}/...) (H/h)elp(s) ($4,5,6.../%{bar}/...)" should redefine the types: Is that a verb, a noun, a human/building name, or others.

Because, I've heard from LNDDYL, In zh-hant:

  • As a noun it should be translated as "使用說明 (Instructions)";
  • However, as a verb it should be translated like zh-hans: "幫助";
  • However of however, as a human/building name it should not be translated, it should, however again, keeps an English message.
Liuxinyu970226 (talk)00:27, 19 January 2015

I don't understand the pattern you quoted above.

  • It seems you're talking of lego messages containing the word "help" in English? Those should be reported and removed.
  • Or perhaps you're talking of all the messages listed in Template:Identical/Help. Indeed they should all have context, or the translation is impossible: can you make a list of those who don't?
Nemo (talk)08:55, 19 January 2015