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Nice! Some questions.

  1. Why you're not keeping English source and translations in the same repository? I don't know if fetching from one repo and committing to another is supported by our scripts (if Siebrand suggested that, ignore me).
  2. Can you use UTF-8 please?
  3. Several of those properties files are invalid. For instance [1] has a \ufeff as first character.
Nemo (talk)22:48, 5 February 2014

Good comments, thanks for the input Nemo.

1. The main "master" of the english languages file currently resides here: I totally agree with you that we should unify this and solely rely on the language repository for the languages file. For now, it would be good if the EN contributions already arrive in the lang repository, and we will migrate it into the main codebase.

2. I was under the impression most files were UTF-8 so some of these files may have specific problems. I can go over them to see where the problems are, but if you have specific hints on which files are affected, let me know.

3. We will clean them. If you have a fast way to detect these problems, let me know.

(I will try to enable an email subscription for this topic, because I didn't realize you had replied to this)

Bluyten (talk)12:05, 13 February 2014

The DSpace community is dropping the OLD UI technologies based on JSPUI and XMLUI (Apache Cocoon) and is converging on a single, Angular UI.

In the context of this migration, we're in the process of transferring the language keys and translations to the .po and .pot format.

Once this is in place, could we pick up this thread again on integrating with translatewiki?

Thank you !!!

Bluyten (talk)13:31, 19 December 2018

Yes sure. Once you are ready, we can check and discuss again.

Nike (talk)13:49, 19 December 2018