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09:58, 1 June 2013 Purodha (talk | contribs) New thread created  

There is no way to localize Twnmp-stats-number-k ("$1k")
to Colognian. Suggestion: find a way to (optionally) drop the "k" Stuff.

We cannot use "k" since it is not understood - the only way to use "k" is with known abbreviated units of measurement such as "km" for "kilometres". Even if we wanted to use it, it cannot be used with figures, it would have to be used as a prefix to the unit, i.e. "4.5 <br /> ktranslators".

We could use the abbreviation " Tsd." for thousands although it is pretty uncommon to do so outside of column heads since it is using more writing space than "000" and is fairly less readable. Yet we would never ever use decimal fractions together with " Tsd." in Colognian. We might say "one and a half thousand" and write it as "1½ Tsd." but that is about it in writing.

Although it would be best to use the normal figures with zeroes, we cannot simply replace "k" by "000" since that does not work for fractions of thousands.

When using " Tsd." instead of "k", we not only get something pretty unusual, but also have an automated line wrap before "Tsd." giving an uggly and even less readable experience:


where everyone would ask: what the hell, why did they not write "5000" ?

Even trying to shrink the "Tsd." to "Tsd." does not work, it renders:


pushing anything else outside the field where it is hardly readable, contrary to the translation guideline asking to usually accept inline markup.

Putting a non-breaking-space between the figure and the "Tsd." finally works on a technical level but of course not on a cultural one, so a better solution needs to be found.

By the way: What I wrote here applies to the Colognian language, but to some extent likely applies elsewhere, too. In German, for instance, the "k" may be understood and accepted by computer nerds, but certainly not by general public. I believe this to be the same for many of the smaller, German-related languages as well.

Purodha Blissenbach (talk)09:58, 1 June 2013
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Last edit: 17:48, 1 June 2013

I don't think ksh is special in any way here, k is equally geeky in all languages; but I know this was a conscious design decision.

Nemo (talk)10:46, 1 June 2013

"k" doesn't work in Swahili either. Is there a way to optionally switch from the "k" format to the full number?

Lloffiwr (talk)18:48, 1 June 2013

IMO this just looks ugly and not geeky (on Persian at least)

ebraminiotalk07:05, 7 October 2013

Why not use simply "$1" for all numbers and reduce the font size? I don't understand why such a big font is used which makes it impossible to find a pretty and correct translation.

Michawiki (talk)15:12, 15 December 2013

Michawiki, in case you're interested in an answer, I doubt you'll ever get one here; you can try emailing User:Pginer to link him this thread though.

Nemo (talk)07:59, 17 December 2013