Cannot save translations due to editinterface right

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Cannot save translations due to editinterface right

I am localising the group 'Wiki Editor' into Konkani:

It seems that 71 out of the 186 messages require the editinterface right. How can I enter these translations? Could I request for the editinterface right, at least on a temporary basis, or is there someplace where I save the translations to be entered by someone else?

    The Discoverer (talk)10:52, 11 October 2019

    You already have the 'editinterface' right which is assigned to the 'translator' usergroup. However, I notice that some messages are recognized by the software as having JavaScript content model and require the 'editsitejs' right, which is assigned to the 'interface-admin' usergroup. Maybe it's your situation?

      Vlad5250 (talk)14:48, 12 October 2019

      For example, if I try to save this message:

      I receive the following error message: "Saving the translation failed: You do not have permission to edit this JavaScript page because it may affect all visitors. Permissions for editing of sitewide CSS/JS/JSON files were recently separated from the "editinterface" right. If you do not understand why you are getting this error, see mw:MediaWiki_1.32/interface-admin."

        The Discoverer (talk)18:57, 12 October 2019