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Change in Translation.

Hello, I recently translated many messages to Kashmiri language. However one user requested change in a specific translation from گَرٕ to اہم صَفہٕ. I changed the translation of two messages but got a error message while translating the third message. As its is the translation of the main page. The error message reads as Established main page translations cannot be changed directly as it would disrupt wikis using the old translation. You can request changes in Support. Link to change MediaWiki:Mainpage/ks-arab

Iflaq (talk)03:37, 28 July 2021

@Iflaq: I think it would be اَہَم صَفہٕ as all vowel signs are explicitly shown in Kashmiri Arabic. Anyway اہم صَفہٕ redirects to اَہَم صَفہٕ on the wiki. Also, wanted to add, for Kashmiri Devanagari, the main page would be अहम सफ़ॖ and not "आहम सफ़ा" as in MediaWiki:Mainpage/ks-deva. Admins, please take note.

Rishabhbhat (talk)10:49, 2 August 2021