Checks on [[Wikimedia:Wikipedia-library-ae475f-=7B=7BPLURAL:GETTEXT=7CContact=7CConta/en]]

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Revision as of 27 October 2018 at 20:19.
The Wikimedia:Wikipedia-library-ae475f-=7B=7BPLURAL:GETTEXT=7CContact=7CConta/en_55737 highlighted comment was created in this revision.

What's with the checks that are preventing the message Wikimedia:Wikipedia-library-ae475f-=7B=7BPLURAL:GETTEXT=7CContact=7CConta/en from being translated? I get the error message "The following parameter is unknown: {{PLURAL:GETTEXT|Contacto|Contactos}". Isn't the message supposed to be translated?

    Hamilton Abreu (talk)16:40, 23 October 2018

    Hi, I no have this problem. Can you check again?

      Zoranzoki21 (talk)20:19, 27 October 2018