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Date format

How to change date format in this message ($3 parameter)? I would like to change it from YYYY-MM-DD to DD.-MM.-YYYY.

    MaGa (talk)16:14, 17 May 2020

    Correction: target date format should be DD. MM. YYYY. (not DD.-MM.-YYYY).

      MaGa (talk)15:50, 18 May 2020

      Correct date format is {{#timel:j. n. Y.}} and not {{#timel:d. m. Y.}} see Pomoć:Vremenska funkcija (or via interwiki).

        Bugoslav (razgovor) 23,59; 18. svibnja 2020. (SEV)21:59, 18 May 2020


          MaGa (talk)15:20, 19 May 2020