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Dear Interface Administrator ...

First the bad news: it's a lot this time. The good news: I've made edit links with easy to copy/paste translations, and double checked everything.

Could someone please make these edit for me. Thanks a lot!



Wat jo yntype

Wat jo krije





[[Sidetitel]]<br />[[Sidetitel|Tekst keppeling]]

<a href='#'>Sidetitel</a><br /><a href='#'>Tekst keppeling</a>

[ Tekst keppeling]<br />[]<br />

<a href='#' class='external'>Tekst keppeling</a><br /><a href='#' class='external autonumber'>[1]</a><br /><a href='#' class='external'></a>

Kopke twadde nivo

Kopke tredde nivo

=== Koptekst ===

Kopke fjirde nivo

==== Koptekst ====

Kopke fyfte nivo

===== Koptekst =====


* Listrigel<br />* Listrigel


Nûmere list

# Listrigel<br /># Listrigel


Ynsletten bestân


Tekst byskrift


Sidetekst.&lt;ref&gt;[ Tekst keppeling], oanfoljende tekst.&lt;/ref&gt;

Sidetekst.<sup><a href='#'>[1]</a></sup>

Neamde referinsje

Sidetekst.&lt;ref name="test"&gt;[ Tekst keppeling]&lt;/ref&gt;

Sidetekst.<sup><a href='#'>[2]</a></sup>

Fierder gebrûk fan deselde referinsje

Sidetekst.<sup><a href='#'>[2]</a></sup>

Referinsjes werjaan

<ol class='references'><li id='cite_note-test-0'><b><a title='' href='#'>^</a></b> <a rel='nofollow' title='' class='external text' href='#'>Tekst keppeling</a>, oanfoljende tekst.</li><li id='cite_note-test-1'><b><a title='' href='#'>^</a></b> <a rel='nofollow' title='' class='external text' href='#'>Tekst keppeling</a></li></ol>

Sinjatuer mei tiidstimpel

--<a href='#' title='$1:Meidochnamme'>Meidochnamme</a> (<a href='#' title='$2:Meidochnamme'>oerlis</a>) 10 jun 2009, 15.54 (UTC)


<a href='#' title='$1:Meidochnamme'>Meidochnamme</a> (<a href='#' title='$2:Meidochnamme'>oerlis</a>)


Normale tekst<br />:Ynsprongen tekst<br />::Ynsprongen tekst

Normale tekst<dl><dd>Ynsprongen tekst<dl><dd>Ynsprongen tekst</dd></dl></dd></dl>
PiefPafPier (talk)11:28, 11 May 2020


Nike (talk)12:34, 11 May 2020