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Delete page

Please erase this page, I want to delete everything related to that name in google. Since I changed my name and that page doesn't make sense:

    Iváns (talk)15:44, 16 January 2020

    To do this I think we will have to delete the redirection currently setup from to I will check with Niklas on whether this is OK to do and perform this deletion. Please confirm if this is OK with you.


      Abijeet Patro (talk)10:29, 17 January 2020

      Go ahead, you can do it!

        Iváns (talk)13:06, 23 January 2020

        It seems like that page is the default template for unavailable talk pages, for eg see:

        I don't think there is anything else that we can do here.


          Abijeet Patro (talk)04:40, 28 January 2020

          I already marked it to erase. It makes no sense a page of a user that no longer exists, now all the information is already passed to my new account. I want to erase every trace on the internet of my old name

            Iváns (talk)11:46, 7 February 2020