Deleting unused strings from translated language files

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Deleting unused strings from translated language files

Hi guys,

I'm posting this here since you don't seem to be responding to @translatewiki mentions in GitHub pull requests...

The question is, is it OK to directly modify foreign language files (translated and committed by translatewiki) ? Would that have an impact or cause problems, and if so, what ?

Specifically, this relates to the following commits in the above-mentioned PR:


    -- Damien10:08, 27 September 2019

    If you delete the English strings (the source strings), the next export will take care of deleting the translations as well. As for changing translations, it's better to do it here on, because then the translators can see what you're doing and why.

      Nemo (talk)10:27, 27 September 2019

      Thanks for your reply.

      Please note that the actual translations have not been modified at all. Changes to foreign language files are :

      • removed unused strings ==> From your reply, I understand is that by deleting the string myself, I'm only anticipating on what would do anyway, so that should not cause any issue. Is that right ?
      • moving strings around in the file (without changing anything) ==> I assume this has no impact, can you confirm ? (note, this was done to have consistent ordering of strings across all language files)
      • renaming a language string (i.e. not the translation itself, but the string's identifier) ==> this is the one I'm really not sure about.
        -- Damien07:28, 3 October 2019