Donate interface-bt-country description

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Donate interface-bt-country description

In Donate interface-bt-country description ("Country description") can we just translate this as 'country'? Unfortunately the message documentation is just 'Bank transfer: Country description'. It doesn't say whether this is a field label, which is my first guess. However, if this message is a sub-heading above a section of field labels, then perhaps 'country information' would be acceptable in the translations. My imagination is having fun with the concept of describing a country in a bank payment form, by the way!

Lloffiwr (talk)12:51, 5 November 2011

Sorry about the really late reply, I just got to your e-mail now. I'm not sure where it is used, I'll get back to you on that.

Jsoby (talk)06:54, 12 December 2011

Learned from Peter today that it is fine if it says "Country" in translations. Will add that to the qqq message.

Jon Harald Søby (WMF) (talk)17:12, 26 July 2012