Error on MediaWiki:Wmobile-copyright/en

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Revision as of 26 October 2020 at 18:21.
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Error on MediaWiki:Wmobile-copyright/en

Hi, can someone change MediaWiki:Wmobile-copyright/en to use quotation marks rather than apostrophes in the links as they're currently broken


    Nintendofan885T&Cs apply14:25, 26 October 2020

    Single quotation marks are valid in the HTML syntax for attributes.

    Remember that this resource is NOT written using the Mediawiki syntax, but the plain HTML syntax, so even if it does not render correctly on this wiki, this is only because this wiki attempts to parse it as Mediawiki (where even the <a href="URL">text</a> is not permitted (so if it was written using the MediaWiki syntax, it would be .[URL text] instead).

    So changing the ASCII single quote to ASCII double quotes would not change the way it is rendered on this wiki. Keep it in plain HTML: the message is intended to be rendered only locally by the Mobile app (which uses an HTML renderer, and does not parse the Mediawiki syntax where it is shown) and NOT on a MediaWiki server...

    Nothing is broken here!

    Note: you are still free to change these quotes in translations, as long as you use a valid HTML syntax (so don't change the ASCII < and > delimiting the HTML opening and closing tags. As well only use a plain URL (which you may need to change if it has to link to another translated page on the same target site, and keep the "https://" protocol unchanged).

    And you are free to use the the quotation marks and apostrophes and all other punctuation appropriate in the target language for the text part of the link. You can test your translation by copy-pasting it in a plan-text file saved in ".html" format, and open it in your browser (unfortunately, the source message is not "meta-tagged" as using the HTML syntax; that's something that Translate wiki should propose to indicate its expected syntax, but that would also involve importing the source message with metadata in the package).

      Verdy p (talk)18:01, 26 October 2020