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15:40, 14 March 2018 Liuxinyu970226 (talk | contribs) Summary changed  
13:54, 13 March 2018 Deborahjay (talk | contribs) New thread created  

Extant date-stamp errors in ZU (MediaWiki)

The contributor who translated the months March and April into isiZulu (ZU) for MediaWiki in November 2012 switched the two, and hasn't been active since. Nor are there any other translators active in ZU. Yesterday I joined up here and made those two corrections - but with no one to review them, through what process will the changes be accepted and activated? I didn't find the answer in the FAQs. Meanwhile all ZUWP activity this month is being dated for April. What happens next?

Deborahjay (talk)13:54, 13 March 2018