LocalisationUpdate not working?

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Another example: MediaWiki:Flaggedrevs-hidereviewed/hu has been translated two months ago, but it is still showing up in English (screenshot, link)

Tgr (talk)12:18, 28 December 2011

In FlaggedRevisions the file have moved location. This is why there is no synchronisation possible between the trunk branch and 1.18wmf1 at the moment. I would advise you to open a bug report for flagged revisions on that in bugzilla:.

Siebrand12:32, 28 December 2011

We have bug open for this at bugzilla:33122. Problem still not resolved as of r107515 running on Wed Dec 28 23:54:10 UTC 2011 on Wikimedia.

 « Saper // קאַװע־הױז‎ » 23:55, 28 December 2011