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MAZI toolkit: new project

Hi all,

We would like to integrate with our project. The project's name is MAZI, the main output of the project is the MAZI toolkit and we would like to translate the software part of the MAZI toolkit.

This is the MAZI project's page in GitHub: and this is the specific repository we would like to translate:

We are in a very active phase of our development and it would be great if we have your support for translating the MAZI portal. We are going to give to translatewiki staff push rights to our repo in order to integrate new translations.

We already support i18n and our files are in yaml format.

Looking forward for your reply about the next steps for the integration of translatewiki and the MAZI toolkit.


    Haniavis (talk)16:21, 20 December 2017

    Could you point out where the i18n files are in With quick search I only found config.yaml, but i18n strings should be separated from other configuration.

      Nike (talk)16:28, 20 December 2017

      You can find the i18n strings in the locales/ folder

      We have prepared the en file for english and the el file (Greek) for testing, translated directly from google translate.

      Thanks a lot for your support

        Haniavis (talk)16:14, 22 December 2017
                version-message-1: "This Portal is "
                version-message-2: "commits` behind."

        Can you use variables? We call these lego messages and they are problematic for proper translations.

                subheader1:  "Description"
                paragraph1:  "Framadate is an open-source and free application like Doodle. It’s easy to create an appointment or a survey without registration to invite your collaborations."
                paragraph2:  "Here is how to works"
                paragraph3:  ""
                paragraph4:  ""
                paragraph5:  ""
                paragraph6:  ""

        Can the empty message be filled or removed?

        Please also start adding message documentation.

          Nike (talk)13:30, 29 December 2017