Translations into Tatar language ('tt' vs 'tt-cyrl' / 'tt-latn')

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Translations into Tatar language ('tt' vs 'tt-cyrl' / 'tt-latn')

As i noticed some time back, new translations into Tatar language is not tranferred to tatar Wikipedia (

My investigation:

  1. For translators available three language code for Tatar language (through language selector in top right corner of Special:Translate) - "tt" (татарча), "tt-cyrl" (татарча) and "tt-latn" (tatarça). All of them are now contain translated messages. There are no warning messages for translators.
  2. But if you go to a direct link wth "tt" langcode, you will see that
    • caption for "tt" is "татарча/tatarça"
    • warning message "This language code should remain unused. Localise in tt-cyrl please"

If "tt" is deprecated, please

  1. disable this code for selection in the Special:Translate
  2. change caption of this code that displayed in the languages list, to "татарча/tatarça"
  3. copy all translations from "tt" into "tt-cyrl" (if target translations is not exists)

This should be applied also to meta-wiki and another Wikimedia wikis.

A separate question - which language file is used for Tatar Wikipedia (cyrillic script used by default; no working switch)? tt-cyrl.json or tt.json ? As i noticed, tt.json files now does not creates.

Note: In Meta, etc. was used "tt" code for cyrillic translations, by default.

Kaganer (talk)16:33, 30 June 2016

The first is already done during phab:T51898

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)00:54, 1 October 2016