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Revision as of 1 November 2019 at 23:14.
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MediaWiki:Logentry-bs-privacy-anonymization/en please verify the original text of the message

I suppose the text of the message MediaWiki:Logentry-bs-privacy-anonymization/en should not be '$4 has anonymized the account account. New username: $5' but '$4 has anonymized the account $2. New username: $5

    Robby (talk)23:01, 1 November 2019

    I agree that the the double word "account account" was a probable error (possible incorrect copy-pasting when one of them would have been a placeholder, however the placeholder $2 suggested in the "/qqq" doc may not work here. This must be checked in the source code and may be the second "account" was there because there was still no value to indicate there (the source code may contain some "FIXME" comment tag, not shown when the message was exported from source code and imported for translations in TWN.

    For now, I could not even place any occurence of {{GENDER:$2}} in the translated text, because "$2" is not present in the source English text, and inserting it would make the translated message fuzzy and then not exported from TWN.

    All I could do was to translate as if the English source was "their account" (impersonal/neutral form) and not "the account account", or "his/her account" or "the account $2".

      Verdy p (talk)23:14, 1 November 2019