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thanks, that's a step forward. We have all the translated messages stored in an Excel spreadsheet. Is there anyway of importing them into TranslateWiki without having to paste in each one manually?

Gnangbade (talk)21:46, 11 May 2016

No I don't think so, unless you want to play with Pywikibot to automate it. Had you chosen the download for offline translation option, then you could have given us the file to upload.

Nike (talk)07:25, 21 May 2016

OK, never mind, I've started pasting them in mannually this evening. Done about a third of them, and will get to the others when I can. Thanks for your help.

Gnangbade (talk)19:10, 21 May 2016

Hi I have entered all the messages. What happens now?

Gnangbade (talk)19:06, 23 May 2016

If you have reached the threshold, the language will be included with MediaWiki starting from today. It should reach Wikimedia wikis this week and be included in the next MediaWiki release in about six months.

Nike (talk)19:13, 23 May 2016

Right now it looks like the threshold for automatic export was not reached yet. I will encourage you to continue adding translations and soon it will be including in MediaWiki.

Nike (talk)10:50, 25 May 2016