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Revision as of 13 November 2009 at 22:25.
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I suppose this should be saving... (with ellipsis and not just two dots). --Toliño Fala aquí comigo 17:31, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

    17:31, 11 November 2009

    The convention is that English does not use ellipsis; you are free to use it in your localisation, however. If there are two dots - have to go home, will check later - that will be fixed to use three dots.

      17:36, 11 November 2009

      I'm not sure, but I think I've been misunderstood: with "ellipsis" I mean "dot-dot-dot" or "three dots".

        17:40, 11 November 2009

        Done Done mwr:58920.

          18:55, 11 November 2009