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Last edit: 04:42, 6 September 2021

Could someone please do this for me? I've been waiting a while. Thanks.

MinecraftAustralia 🇦🇺 🦘 (talk)04:42, 6 September 2021

The written policy, as it appears at languages, is that there should be at least one person willing to translate into the language. To be able to translate into the language, one actually has to know the language. Just getting info from dictionaries is not enough. Most messages here are whole sentences, so you need to know syntax, morphology, etc. Can you ask the people who actually know the languages come here and ask for this themselves?

I'm sorry if it looks like I'm trying to make it hard for indigenous, underprivileged languages to get on board. The opposite is true: I am happy to add any language, including very small and endangered ones, but the experience is that simply enabling languages without having someone who knows them well does more harm than good.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)13:12, 6 September 2021

Okay, I know a fair bit of Kriol and Torres Strait Creole so I will translate into that and I know that User:Osiris knows some Pitjantjatjara and Arrernte. I don't know if anyone here knows Drehu so you can skip that one if you like. But otherwise could you please add them? I know Noongar is enabled on here and it is almost extinct (Arrernte has 4,500 native speakers, Pitjantjatjara has over 3,000 and Noongar has only 400) and I know that you can't add languages nobody speaks/wants to translate into (I 100% get that, I mean if a language has under 300 fluent speakers you probably shouldn't add it). Thanks. PS: Also Torres Strait Creole should fall back to Tok Pisin and English because it is most related to Tok Pisin. Thanks. 😀

MinecraftAustralia (talk)03:31, 11 September 2021

Whoops sorry I posted the same thing by mistake because it didn't show my last message

MinecraftAustralia 🇦🇺 (talk)03:37, 11 September 2021