Newly, the data on [[Special:LanguageStats]] are no longer updated

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Revision as of 30 November 2018 at 11:20.
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Newly, the data on Special:LanguageStats are no longer updated

Please have a look.

    \m/etalhead 18:06, 27 October 2018

    We can no longer force it with "&action=purge" either, it just does nothing. I believe someone managed to force a purge yesterday (I got the "refreshing stats" message when viewing the stats) and since then it neither refreshes nor allows a purge.

      Hamilton Abreu (talk)01:12, 28 October 2018


      I saw timeouts on our logs, so likely I should move that to the JobQueue.

      Anyway, we should hunt down why it's not updating as it should.

        Nike (talk)15:09, 29 October 2018

        Virtually, we can not see the messages that need to be translated. Does this mean that we must retire temporarily?

          ديفيد (talk)09:27, 31 October 2018

          Your message sounds impolite. I hope that was not your intention.

            Nike (talk)10:43, 31 October 2018

            I have cherry-picked by untested fix and purged all statistics. Give some time for them to repopulate. Let me know if you see further issues of stats not updating.

              Nike (talk)10:43, 31 October 2018

              I do not mean any abuse. I mean it's because we need to update stats automatically.Thanks for responding

                ديفيد (talk)10:47, 31 October 2018

                The problem returned quickly

                  ديفيد (talk)06:55, 1 November 2018

                  Which problem? Can you give a specific example and/or steps to reproduce?

                    Nike (talk)15:32, 1 November 2018

                    The stats have not been updating for a few days.

                      Hamilton Abreu (talk)11:20, 30 November 2018