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Offline translator rights

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Offline translator rights

Hello. It's still possible to get "Offline translator" group described on Translating:Offline page?

Thank you,

    Rail (my talk | contribs)06:42, 7 September 2019

    Yes. Can you briefly state what you'd do and why you need to work offline? Thanks for your translations.

      Nemo (talk)06:47, 7 September 2019

      Sometimes I want to work on my localhost MediaWiki installation to make sure that context of my translations is correct and then submit all of the work in a batch, so offline translator rights would help me do that easier I guess.

        Rail (my talk | contribs)06:53, 7 September 2019

        There might be a misunderstanding: the offline translating work doesn't let you import messages from another wiki. You need to use a PO editor, so if you translate first on your local wiki you might as well just copy and paste your translations directly into Special:Translate here.

        Just to make sure, are you aware of Special:SearchTranslations? That can help you find a string that needs to be translated. So you could do your local testing with the translations which are currently in MediaWiki code, identify the missing translations in their context and then find them here, input your translation into Special:Translate.

          Nemo (talk)07:06, 7 September 2019

          Hi Rail, did you manage to verify the context for your translations as you desired?

            Nemo (talk)20:09, 17 September 2019

            Sorry, I forgot to answer to this topic. It looks like I need to create my own tools rather than using offline translations feature. Never mind, thank you ^^

              Rail (my talk | contribs)16:07, 18 September 2019