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PLURAL for pt-br


I would like to request that we have for pt-br the same that was done in mwr:58790, because we also use the plural form when a parameter is equals to zero: "You has 0 messages" instead of "You has 0 message".

By the way, is it possible to have 3 possible texts as in {{PLURAL:text if 0|text if 1|text if >1}}?

    19:01, 16 November 2009

    More than two numeric forms are possible. CLDR says that the current config is correct. Please explain what and why precisely.

      19:20, 16 November 2009

      I think that CLDR is not correct, because in pt-br it is used:

      • Você tem 0 mensagens (actually, we would prefer to say "Você não tem mensagens")
      • Você tem 1 mensagem
      • Você tem 2 mensagens (the same for N > 2)
        15:27, 17 November 2009

        CLDR is a reviewed resource with a formal process. Linux distributions use it as a reliable source. For now, I am not inclined to want to change it in MediaWiki and deviate from CLDR. Please appeal with CLDR. If you *are* correct, that should be clear soon.

          20:03, 17 November 2009