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22:11, 2 December 2021 Jon Harald Søby (talk | contribs) New reply created (Reply to Pilots available here?)
11:27, 2 December 2021 Kipala (talk | contribs) New thread created  

Pilots available here?

Hi I am looking for someone who can guide me thru your menues. I work on swwiki and we have a problem with parts of our menue labels. I was told to come here and edit these but I do not find anything.

1) some of our menue texts are misspelled, wrong Swahili or not well understandable - because in the beginning some were done by people who did not know the language 2) some of the menue labels are not yet translated.

How can I identify these?

Eaxample to start with: on our page menue left side the first line is "Mwanzo" and the second "Jumuia". "Jumuia" is misspelled. How do I fid this to correct it? Kipala (talk) 11:27, 2 December 2021 (UTC)

Kipala (talk)11:27, 2 December 2021

Mambo, Kipala!

If you are looking for how to find a speficic interface message here, you have a couple of options. The easiest is probably to just use Special:SearchTranslations and search for the misspelling to correct it.

The other option is that when you are on Wikipedia, you can add ?uselang=qqx to the URL. That will show the message keys in place of the translations. So where it says "Jumuia" in the menu on sw.wikipedia, it will now say "(portal)" instead. That means that you can find that specific message here on TranslateWiki at MediaWiki:Portal/sw. The same procedure can be used to find anything else you may want to correct, of course.

Jon Harald Søby (talk)22:11, 2 December 2021