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Please Help me

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Please Help me

There are many books in Nogai with latin alphabet but still the latin alphabet is not inserted???

TayfunEt. (talk)05:15, 11 May 2022

Please stop creating multiple threads about the same issue. Continue the discussion where it is already taking place instead of creating a new thread. Thank you.

Jon Harald Søby (talk)14:03, 13 May 2022

The problem is @Amire80: is not answering to me.

TayfunEt. (talk)04:40, 16 May 2022

Please be patient. I need to check these documents. It takes time.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)07:04, 17 May 2022

I'm very sorry for my impatience... And I have a question, in ugwiki is the Main Page name «ئۇيغۇرچە ۋىكىپەدېە» wich means "Uyghur Wikipedia", but it needs to be «باش بەت» (Main Page). Do you know how I can change this (I did look to the translations, there was written «باش بەت»)?

TayfunEt. (talk)14:36, 17 May 2022

Please don't mix unrelated issues. This should have been in a separate thread. But the main page of any Wikipedia edition cannot be changed isolately without discusing it with their own local community (on the associated talk page), and then proposing a change, and sometimes submitting also a formal request in Phabricator to Wikimedia administrators (to change the protected redirects from "Main Page"): this main page is a very sensitive page.

But I agree that the main page by default in MediaWiki should not name or reference "Wikipedia", as there are also other non-Wikipedia wikis (including outside Wikimedia) that also need their "main page". But nothing prohibits a specific wiki to override locally this default (so the Uyghur Wikiepedia may still override locally this default to «ئۇيغۇرچە ۋىكىپەدېە» ("Uyghur Wikipedia") if they wish it and decide it locally, and then the default translation of the main page name made in TWN (independantly of any wiki) will be ignored in imports. Such wikis can block these imports from TWN by blocking edits of the main page and blocking this page from being moved/renamed or affected by automated imports from TWN: the Uyghur translation from TWN will fail to be imported, as expected, because of this local blocking. Note also that the default translated "Main page" name way still be used locally in their main namespace, but as a local redirect to another locally prefered page name also in their local main namespace.

Verdy p (talk)14:55, 17 May 2022

I'm actually not to try to mix the themes. It's the problem I'm trying to solve, in ugwiki many users (also administrator) are not active so I have to ask other users for help, but that's another topic as you say. Sorry again and thanks for this informations. Can I beg for someone who can delete the topics wich I did make and are confused and sometimes also useless, because I don't know to delete the topics in this page (or are they not for deletion possible?). I will also try to delete the topics in talk pages wich are useless (sorry when it was a useless comment).

TayfunEt. (talk)16:17, 17 May 2022