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Publishing the translation failed

There are two untraslalted messages of MediaWiki core messages due to this erro messageː "Publishing the translation failed: You do not have permission to edit this page because it contains raw HTML which can be modified to affect all visitors." They are listed below along with the translationsː

1 The english original message is (MediaWiki:Feedback-terms/lmo) "I understand that my user agent information includes information about my exact browser and operating system version and will be shared publicly alongside my feedback. The message traslated into lombard language is ː "Hoo capid che i me informazzion sora el me agent d'utent contegnen di informazzion sora el me programa de navigazzion che vegnarann condivise publicament insema ai me coment." 2 The english original message is (MediaWiki:Feedback-termsofuse/lmo) "I agree to provide feedback in accordance with the Terms of Use." The message traslated into lombard language is ː "Son d'acord de fornì di coment second conforma ai Condizzion de Utilizazzion"

Salvemm el lombard (talk)13:36, 11 January 2021