Refresh special pages and request for SQL query

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Refresh special pages and request for SQL query

Hi, can you refresh SpecialPages like WantedPages and etc.. because content is not updated more than one year? Too, if you can, can you ask SQL for list of pages with translations which exists for Bosnian but no for Serbian Cyrillic? You can put result on /query-output subpage of my user page..


Zoranzoki21 (talk)22:04, 9 September 2018
Statistics                     [callback] completed in 0.50s
Ancientpages                   [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 1m 28.90s
BrokenRedirects                [QueryPage] got 2 rows in 0.17s
Deadendpages                   [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 10.30s
DoubleRedirects                [QueryPage] got 24 rows in 0.09s
FileDuplicateSearch            [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
ListDuplicatedFiles            [QueryPage] got 1 rows in 0.01s
LinkSearch                     [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
Listredirects                  [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.24s
Lonelypages                    [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.33s
Longpages                      [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
MediaStatistics                [QueryPage] got 9 rows in 0.13s
MIMEsearch                     [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
Mostcategories                 [QueryPage] got 621 rows in 1.18s
Mostimages                     [QueryPage] got 352 rows in 0.42s
Mostinterwikis                 [QueryPage] got 0 rows in 0.01s
Mostlinkedcategories           [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
Mostlinkedtemplates            [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 9.41s
Mostlinked                     [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 1m 2.65s
Mostrevisions                  [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 4m 7.13s
Fewestrevisions                [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 3m 48.61s
Shortpages                     [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
Uncategorizedcategories        [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 1.80s
Uncategorizedpages             [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.22s
Uncategorizedimages            [QueryPage] got 158 rows in 0.02s
Uncategorizedtemplates         [QueryPage] got 272 rows in 0.10s
Unusedcategories               [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.21s
Unusedimages                   [QueryPage] got 99 rows in 0.10s
Wantedcategories               [QueryPage] got 262 rows in 0.08s
Wantedfiles                    [QueryPage] got 748 rows in 0.30s
Wantedpages                    [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 20.44s
Wantedtemplates                [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.50s
Unwatchedpages                 [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.28s
Unusedtemplates                [QueryPage] got 258 rows in 0.11s
Withoutinterwiki               [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.24s
GadgetUsage                    [QueryPage] got 22 rows in 1.28s

real    11m17.180s
user    0m0.448s
sys     0m0.400s
Nike (talk)09:47, 10 September 2018

Query done.

Nike (talk)14:05, 10 September 2018

Ok, thanks Nike. I now need only list of pages with translations which exists for Bosnian but no for sr-ec. Thanks!

Zoranzoki21 (talk)10:18, 11 September 2018