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Defining everything in terms of a single language (English) also creates avoidable problems.

That's why the terms should be defined.

I don't think it's actually necessary to start off with a monolingual glossary

We have to start somewhere, and I'm afraid that unless we direct attention we never get anything into useful state.

I think this would be a good moment to mention OmegaWiki,

I know about OmegaWiki, I even wrote my candidate's thesis about OmegaWiki and The conclusion was that it is not suitable for us. Terminology is different from what OmegaWiki is doing. And we are building a terminology, not a (multilingual) glossary. There are some ideas we could borrow, I don't deny that. Currently I'm exploring if we can take advantage of Semantic MediaWiki.

Nike20:19, 18 June 2011