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  1. I will translate as much as I can for the current Pa'O language and Western Pwo Karen language, it depends on my free time to translate all the messages, I also have a lot of songwriting work for NMB48 company, so in my spare time I will continue to translate for Pa'O language and Western Pwo Karen language.
  2. The (ဖျိၩ့ / ဖျိၩ့ၡိ) name used in the Portal:pwo is misspelled, the spelling is (ပှဖျိၩ့ၡိ), not (ဖျိၩ့ / ဖျိၩ့ၡိ), would you like me to send you evidence of this name?
  3. The (ကညီစှီၤကျိ) name used in the Portal:ksw is misspelled, the spelling is (ကညီစှီၤကျိာ်). not (ကညီစှီၤကျိ), I would like Admin to take a closer look at the evidence I sent Admin yesterday.
  4. There is still a lot of work to be done. I am currently trying my best to get Pa'O language approval on the Wikipedia project. Most locals in Burma do not understand much about Wikipedia project, they only understand Facebook, it is not an easy task to invite local people in Burma to use the Wikipedia project. I spent almost three years discussing the inclusion of Pa'O language and Western Pwo Karen language in the Wikipedia project. I am still in discussions for another Rakhine language, Rawang language, Northern Thai language, it's been almost four years since our Facebook discussions, thanks.

The misspelled word "ကညီစှီၤကျိ" is probably a copy-paste problem.

NinjaStrikers «»18:50, 17 November 2021

Evidence for "ပှဖျိၩ့ၡိ" would be very useful. Thanks.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)08:53, 19 November 2021
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Western Pwo Karen name and S’gaw Karen name Screenshot on iPhone.

Evidence is as follows:

  1. Western Pwo Karen blackboard kindergarten Book=
  2. Western Pwo Karen dictionary website=
  3. Contact Naw Khu Mae directly for further evidence


OK, thanks. Another question: In the language settings of the Windows 10 operating system, I see that Western Pwo is called "ဖျိၩ့" and S'gaw Karen is called "စှီၤ". Are these names incorrect?

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)20:18, 19 November 2021

"ဖျိၩ့" and "စှီၤ" stands for vocabulary, the "ဖျိၩ့" and "စှီၤ" are abbreviated vocabulary and should not be used in language names. The use of the abbreviated vocabulary by "ဖျိၩ့" and "စှီၤ" would have a detrimental effect on the literary essence of future literature. for example (Burmese people call their people မြန်မာ or ဗမာ and why do they use မြန်မာဘာသာ in the language name?) every tribe has an abbreviated vocabulary. There are also many vocabulary that cannot be used in the literature of every tribe. I mean, that example question already has the answer. The English vocabulary had a lot of abandoned vocabulary for literature, just as our Mon vocabulary had a lot of abandoned vocabulary for literature. There is an abandoned vocabulary for literature in every tribe, and only literary experts can know this, while studying at the University of the United States, I discovered the vocabulary that is not used in English literature. Therefore, the use of "ဖျိၩ့" and "စှီၤ" vocabulary in language names can have a significant impact on literary significance. The user Ninjastrikers are Burmese people, so they do not understand this language, Burmese people have no interest in their minority language and no learning, so I do not agree with the user Ninjastrikers that he understands the language, it would be ridiculous for the user Ninjastrikers to confirm the language name he gave them, please ask him (Can you talk to Karen yourself?), in this discussion on Karen name, only those who understand the Karen language should be confirmed. As evidence that I have a lot of knowledge of the Karen language, I can send you a Karen speaks video, the Karen language is my adopted mother tongue, so therefore, it is almost impossible for me to not understand this Karen language, thanks.

I do not speak Karen. But I can do is consultation with native Karen people, and the name I provided "စှီၤ" is chosen by them via Karen Translators Network.

NinjaStrikers «»13:49, 20 December 2021