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"And here this is about ":" and about a user not seeing the space which is present and visible in its own screenshot."
Regarding :, here's another comparison, with the thin space at the top and no space at the bottom, tell me where do you see a difference.

"I have worked for many years for ALL publishers in France (for national and regional newspapers, magazines, books, guides, diaries... as well as professional/specialized press, and public papers) and also in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switerland, Italy, Spain, Canada, North Africa, Lebanon, and the Middle East: [...]"
Argumentum ad verecundiam, not an argument either.

Thibaut (talk)13:55, 12 November 2019

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Oh wow, new personal attacks, did you run out of arguments?

I'm sorry but your sources are completely off-topic and your walls of text where you state your personal opinions as facts are not backed with any proof.

You fail to see the reality where your thin spaces are not compatible everywhere and that we must use non-breaking spaces for the time being. Translations must be accessible to everyone, no matter what their browser/device is.

EDIT: If you want to reply, please use the "reply" function, don’t edit other people’s messages.

Thibaut (talk)22:33, 12 November 2019