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About the thing of uncommon translations, it is completely besides the point of this thread but you people should avoid just indiscriminately adopting English terms when you could use plainer terms, and in this case, “en source ouverte” is a direct, easy-to-understand equivalent of “open source”, understandable for people beyond geeks. Other Romance languages translate the term as well: de código abierto (es), de código aberto (pt), de codi obert (ca), de códigu abiertu (ast), cu sursă deschisă (ro)… Anglicisms can be necessary and I don’t censor them, but in this case it is gratuitous and avoidable.

Fitoschido (talk)23:50, 12 November 2019

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If we really want to translate this common anglicism, the correct French translation would be "code source ouvert", not "source ouverte", which is a bad calque from English.

Thibaut (talk)06:15, 13 November 2019