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Hi, I don't know how these features can be computed or which sources have been used.

I try to explain better:

The first image (SupportedLanguage): In the detail, for each user you have the "current" (????) edit count, and when the last edit has been done. (The image tells 63 days ago, but every day I add translations).

The second image (Contribution socres): In the detail, you have a list of all users contributions about the last 7 days, last 30 days and overall. You can see empty the first and the second grid, the third is not update.

The third image (Widget in user page): In the detail, you have current contribution score (the same of the Contribution scores page in the third grid), the current edits count (new pages + edit existing pages), the current edits (only changes in the existing pages).

Until 2 months ago these information were always updated. I don't dispute if the team has stopped this counter, but, after this stop, IMHO, these information become unuseful, so can be deleted from the site.

I don't know who can reply instead of you, but I suppose if an active user wants to know some information, the team can reply to clarify its position.

Thank you for your reply, have a nice day

Joe Taras (talk)13:49, 29 October 2019