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10:31, 17 January 2020 Abijeet Patro (talk | contribs) New reply created (Reply to [[Special:SupportedLanguages no longer works]])
12:33, 5 December 2019 Verdy p (talk | contribs) Comment text edited  
12:32, 5 December 2019 Verdy p (talk | contribs) New thread created  

The special page giving the list of Supported languages (linked from the tools in the sidebar) no longer works. As well all subpages listing the users from one of the languages listed. Was it uninstalled unexpectedly, or disabled because a recent upgrade of Mediawiki caused was incompatible and the extension for this special page no longer works or crashes ?

Verdy p (talk)12:32, 5 December 2019

Please see

This is fixed now.


Abijeet Patro (talk)10:31, 17 January 2020